going back in time – Halloween

Yup. And I’ve done pretty much nothing to prepare for it. I think I should have enough candy (although I totally should have hidden it – the whole family has been snacking on fun size candy bars for the last few days. Damn you, wee little Snickers and Baby Ruths!! One just isn’t quite enough for a treat and I end up eating two or three!! Gah!!) and I have some little plastic toys left over from Ward’s birthday to give out.

However, there are NO spooky decorations and NARY A PUMPKIN on the front porch. Oh, the Shame Of It All.

I am loosely planning on picking up a couple of pumpkins this afternoon to let the boys squeeze in their Obligatory Holiday Fun, although I don’t really think they’d miss it. They always end up hacking some choppy holes in the pumpkins and then their possibly-slightly-perfectionist-y Mama ends up wiping off all the magic marker lines and neatening up all the cuts. And it always ends up being less fun than you’d think to scoop out all the goop.

So, yeah. I might just bag it.

In other news I have officially graduated to permanent hair color. I went to Sally and bought some “Nightfall Brown” and applied it this morning and LO the gray appears to be all gone.

Adoption News: There is no adoption news.


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