on my mind on Sunday morning

***this was a blog post I made this morning on the previous site that I thought I might as well post here with our shiny new nicknames***

Been up for an hour or so, poking around teh interweb, looking at SNL skits from last night with John and Cindy McCain (not so funny, akshully) and scoping out gowns for this year’s Red Theme at the Habitat Ball (maybe this one or possibly even this one) although I should probably wait to buy until after Christmas sales.

I am on this grieving parents’ email group and I am torn about whether to request that my name be removed. I’m not really chatting on that site very much any more, but the big irritant is that I’ve emailed the group before big days this year (the anniversary of Wardie’s accident and his birthday) and nobody could be bothered to send a supportive message or anything. I mean, I don’t expect anyone to remember my important dates on their own, but DANG if I email the group and even then nobody responds, why in the world am I part of this “support group”??? I really like the leader of it, and I like to read the messages she sends, but it’s pretty much a negative influence on my life if I can’t ask for support and get it. I do hate to be a grumpy Gus and ask to have my name removed, but that’s kind of where I’m leaning.


In other news The Fishmaster rocked out at a 5K race yesterday morning. He came in first in his under-12 age group and sixteenth in the entire race – woo! – and ran the race in a very respectable 24:53.

The race started at 8:00, which involved a sleepy Mama Jamz getting up earlier than she’d like, with the sleep-hazed surety that AIN’T NO WAY I’m going to try to do a race, but of course by the time I got there I wished I had dressed for it. Not that I’d be able to run it – I would totally be the last person coming in, huffing and red-faced and trying to look like I’d run the whole way – but I do wish I’d done it. Also, it got boring trying to make small talk with parents I don’t know very well.

Next time, next time, next time…

Rockinrolla’s football team lost the championship game (sigh) in a real heartbreaker that totally involved a BAD CALL. Like, I know next to nothing about football, but this was totally blatant and awful, and I think the ref knew it, but felt like it was too late to take it back. A huge bummer for Rockinrolla, who will very probably never play football again, since the school he’ll attend next year doesn’t offer it.

Adoption news: There is no adoption news.

Except: I did make a one-page fact sheet and gave it out to a bunch of the mamas at The Fishmaster’s school, who are in general a church-going and volunteering group, and a couple of them say then encounter pregnant teens quite often and will search for a baby for me. So, bonus.

And the breastfeeding protocol is for sure having an effect. The girls are growing, there’s some tenderness and pain involved, as well as colustrum. Woo woo! **sexxayy I know!! grrrrrr….** I think I’m not supposed to pump until the milk actually comes in, but it’s encouraging that my body is totally changing with this protocol and I should be able to at least breastfeed the new baby a little bit.

Hello, Rainbow? Did you catch that??? My body is pretty much ready for you and it would be great if you could come to the family pretty soon because Mama Jamz HAAATES pumping and it would be best for everyone involved if she could avoid that.

Also – we are way beyond ready to meet you.

So, come home, okay? Please?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. charmarie221
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 21:24:08

    Love the names! I’d be afraid to think what nickname my son might give me!

    I hope the breastfeeding thing continues to progress… I’m a huge nursing proponent, so kudos to you for trying!

    And congrats to Fishmaster on his run! And bummer about the bad call… 😦

  2. charmarie221
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 21:24:36

    Love the names! I’d be afraid to think what nickname my son might give me!

    I hope the breastfeeding thing continues to progress… I’m a huge nursing proponent, so kudos to you for trying!

    Congrats to Fishmaster on his run! And bummer about the bad call for Rockinrolla… 😦

  3. thisbumpyjourney
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 23:10:10

    Yeah, Rockinrolla came up with that all on his own, and I told him how much I loved it, so, yay. I named the boys and Daddy J myself, so if they decide they don’t like their names they can let me know and we’ll rechristen them.

    I’m very hopeful that the breastfeeding will work, at least partially. Good for bebe and good for bonding and good for me.

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