I heart coffee

Yes, I had given it up based on the Skinny Bitches’ recomendations, but have since thought better of it.  O, how I do love my Winter Wonderland:  “A Snowy Sweet Blend of Hazelnuts, Caramel, and Vanilla with a Hint of Coconut.”  mmmmmmm…

Daddy J had an appointment away from the office this morning, so I took The Fishmaster to school.  While he was taking his stuff in, a couple of the middle school girls scampered out to say hi to me.  And, dang, but the kids at that school are a charming and fresh-scrubbed lot.  Anyway, I asked if everything was okay, and one of them (who I kind of want to just cuddle every time I see her, but have so far managed to hold back) said, Oh yes!  We were just reading your paper about how you want to adopt, and we think it’s so exciting and great.  Good luck!

***sigh***  Little sweeties.  I am truly excited that the mamas at the Fishmaster’s school are on the case looking for a birthmama for me.

We’re pretty sure that Rainbow will start there in third grade (the school is for grades 3-12) because, honestly, I don’t think there is a more nurturing or wholesome school on the entire planet, and the academics are awesome.  The elementary is probably a little churchier than I would make if it I were in charge (like, there are bible verses on the walls of the classroom building) but I don’t think there’s any harm in learning some bible verses, right?

(Thank you, thank you, thank you, God for making it so The Fishmaster can go there.  It is quite possibly the best thing that’s every happened to him.)

I finished my trashy romance over breakfast (leftover refried black beans with a dollop of vegetable barley soup and melted soy cheese, with a couple of pieces of sprouted grain bread – divine!) and you’ll all be glad to know that Duncan realized that he did truly love Raven, and that the bad guy got killed, and everybody’s going to live happily ever after.  whew!  I’d be feeling all bereft except that I also have the sequel, in which I’m reasonably confident that Raven’s sister, Arianna, will be reunited with her long-lost love, Nicodemus.

Adoption News:  There is no adoption news.

On the neurotically-impatient-o-meter, I am please to note a slight dip in levels, although I am still compelled to obsessively check my email and cell phone for messages from anyone who might be, you know, about to deliver our baby to us.


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