a visit to the fair

The hippie fair, that is.

A friend and I went to the new agey store in the Big Town on Saturday.  They were having freebie day, when the various practitioners did their thing for free, and you could sample around.  We only had a couple of hours to spend, so we didn’t get to do the free mini hypnosis session (sigh) or, not quite as enticing, the free palm reading or crystal healing sessions.

However: we both did a crystal bowl session that was great.  You lay on a massage table, and two women stand at head and foot with these huge crystal bowls.  They made the bowls ring with varying frequencies with wooden mallets, and hummed/sang along.  I lay there and tried to get in the zone by concentrating on breathing while these vibrations just zinged through me.  My muscles were jumping around like they were getting little electric shocks and I felt a kind of uncomfortable pressure in my head.  The women said later that many people get that pressure, that builds until they get a ‘pop’ in their foreheads, and then the energy flows better.  So, I TOTALLY want to go back and get a full half hour session from them and go for the ‘pop’.

I also did the aura imaging thing they had going with a computer.  I have NO IDEA what the mechanism is, or whether it’s all smoke and mirrors and the images are just random.  BUT – my aura and chakras were a lot different than the woman’s who went before me, and I got all proud of my nice, bright chakras and aura.  The woman pointed out interesting stuff that fit remarkably well, like my throat chakra indicating that I’d been talking about important, emotional stuff, and that one or two weeks ago, I’d had a big deal event.  It was cool – the divine light indicated at the top of my aura sent white beams down into the dark time to help out, according to her interpretation.  There were a few other cool things, too, that showed up.  One that made me blush – my root chakra was a huge, bright red ball, which she said meant that I was very “satisfied”.   ahem.  The woman had me shut my eyes and think very happy thoughts (I imagined holding Rainbow and looking into his face for the first time) and then took the image again, and the chakras were all brighter, and my dark blue throat chakra was sky blue.  Cool, huh?

We popped in to the gallery psychic readings, but nothing terribly accurate or interesting to report there.  Meh.  They predicted things that, um, Won’t Be Happening, but I’ll totally freak out if they do.  But they won’t.

In other news: the Fishmaster wore me down until I took him to the river to go fishing yesterday.  YES, it was cold – 34 degrees – which is too frickin’ cold to deal with a wet, slimy fish, let alone bait, and is even too cold to take off one’s gloves IMHO.  I spread out a wool blanket in the sun and lay down (pretty well insulated with leggings under jeans, down coat, tall Uggs, hat, and gloves) and played Scrabble and Tetris on my phone.  I let him fish for an hour or so (no bites) and then we went over and hung out with Grandma L for awhile.  So, pleasant little Sunday.

Daddy J brought down and assembled the tree, and I’ve done a little decorating.  Tonight is designated Decorate the Tree Night, which the kids get sick of after ten minutes or so, and start flinging the glass ornaments on the tree with total disregard, and then Daddy J and I release them from their duties and finish up the tree ourselves.  Historically, anyway.  Maybe this time will be different.

Daddy J’s band performed on Friday night at the Christmas party for the new hospital, and it appears that it was a huge success.  (I stayed home with the boys and watched a movie.) They play again at a bar on Friday, so I need to get a grandparent to babysit so I can be front-row groupie chick.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 18:47:49

    Just think, you get to be a front row hippie chick & actually get to take one of them home!!!!!!! Think back to your root chakra!!! 😀

  2. heatherinparadise
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 19:24:26

    I wish I could go out with you on Friday and be your “wingman” front row groupie chick…but you’re on your own with the root chakra. Mine is invisible, I’m pretty sure.

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