sicky and whiny

Yeah.  I haven’t been sick in awhile, and it is NO FUN.

Daddy J took the boys to his mother’s today and left me at home alone (sigh) to recuperate.  Bummer.  Grandma L is an awesome cook.  I also missed a Christmas dinner at my mother’s yesterday.  (Stupid cold.)

Anyhoo, I’m about to take some Alka-Seltzer cold and zone out.  Possibly some TLC network in my future – isn’t that the one with the What To Wear and Baby Story shows?  The Woman Channel, as Daddy J calls it.  Also, probably some Deepak Chopra meditation at some point.  I loves me some Deepak.

I realized that I forgot a Christmas gift for a kid in the family and am wondering if I can recycle one of the boys’ newish looking books.  Too tacky?  But WHO’S TO KNOW except for you and me?  I just DO NOT feel like venturing out to the big city, and the shops downtown don’t have all that much for this child’s age group.  Can I justify it by being eco-friendly?


My brother, The Commander, is coming in this evening to spend the night and visit a bit.  Hopefully I’ll have a little more pep in my step by then.  He’s a Wii fanatic and promises fun with light saber dueling.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 13:32:14

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Daddy J
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 00:31:31

    The Commander set a world record in speed-gin-drinking. Very impessive. He was also surprised that his Jaguar actually would go “that” fast.

    I was happy to accomodate. After all, he is my BIL…

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