well, hello there…

Remember when it was so reassuring when I found the little pearl in my oyster last time we came down?

We had another little token, a little charm.  When Daddy J and I pulled into the hotel parking lot and got out of the car, he leaned down and picked up a little dachshund charm.

Which is cool because the birthmom had put a deposit down on her mini dachshund when we were last here.  I think she intends it to be her little cuddle critter after the birth, which I think is extremely wise.  I would totally want something like that.  And of course reminds me of our sweet little weiner dog, Oscar, who we got right after we got married.  Oscar was my little cuddle critter when Daddy J did all that international travel in his previous job, and I looooved her.

Anyway, it was delightful.  We both thought, Why, hello F.!  Nice to see you here! and felt all welcome and reassured.  I’m going to give it to her, along with her gift basket of goodies.  It’s all beat-up and scratched from being run over, but I think she will appreciated the coolness of our finding it.


On another note, I packed like an imbecile for this trip.  Like, crazy-lady packing.  Daddy J told me it was warm in Tampa, but, uh, I thought he meant “mild.” But, yeah, it’s warm. Also, I thought we were going to the doctor and then straight to dinner, so I only brought as a very-presentable outfit my tall boots-suede skirt-tights-velvet top or light wool sweater to wear, and am having to wear the Wal-mart jeans and faded long sleeved travel t-shirt I brought.  Which, I know, keep it real, Mama Jamz, but I wanted to look really special and pretty every time I see them.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Daddy J
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 16:23:40

    You did look really special and pretty.

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