returning home

The visit was just awesome. 

Holy smoke-and-fire, these birthparents are incredible.

We went to her OB appointment and chatted in a comfortable room while we waited.  (I think I mentioned before that this doctor is a big adoption advocate, so when he saw us there he ushered us all into a nice room so we could talk.)  F. is, as before, incredibly warm and happy and effusive in her appreciation of us, and now she is really glowing with that pregnancy beauty.  J., the birthfather, is friendly and chatty and seems to like us a lot, too.

Rainbow and F. are both doing great.  I had a brief panic when the doctor fired up the ultrasound because he went straight to the head, and I didn’t see a heartbeat…  I started to feel panicked – no no NOOOOOO!!! –  but then – there it was, beating strong at 125 beats a minute.  He was sleeping.  We got to see him on 3-D ultrasound, and he is beautiful.

It’s just… all so perfect.

Although, of course it’s not really perfect.  We’re flesh and blood people after all.

I was so nervous, and had slept so poorly the night before, that I had a hot-mama of a tension head-and-neckache on the day of our meeting.  It was like I was wearing a neck brace; I had to turn my entire torso to look at people during dinner and just try my best to ignore the pain.

There are a couple of minor bumps that the social worker assures us are no big deal, so I’m just trying not to think about them.  la la la la la…..

Also, I need to get in touch with my friend who adopted from Florida and ask how her hospital experience was.  It sounds like I won’t be able to breastfeed or room in with the baby until the 48 hour window of birthparent grace period has passed.  Which SUCKS.  But, not a deal breaker or catastrophe – we’ll all get over it.  There will hopefully be a nice nurse or two there who will hold Rainbow a lot, right?  I just hate to think of them sequestered in those plastic boxes.  When the boys were born, they only went to the nursery for weighings and checkups, and then spent all the rest of their time with me in the hospital room.  That’s how we roll. 

Well, that’s how we like to roll.

On the bright side, it looks very unlikely that circumcision will be anything to worry about.  Daddy J and I are anti, and it appears that Medicaid is, too  – you have to pay up front if you want your baby circumcized.  So, hopefully there will be no confusion and Rainbow can come home intact.


I told F. that I felt like we had won the lottery with this adoption situation, and she responded with, Well, we feel like WE have won the lottery, because we know the baby will be so happy and loved and well-cared for.

So, yes, it’s looking good…


When Daddy J and I got back to the home airport, we walked to our spot in long-term parking rather than take the shuttle so that we could stretch our legs.  It was a gorgeous, bright day.

We walked under the two-story parking garage and were out under the sun, crossing a road through the airport, and I saw some paper fluttering down into the middle of the street.  It was rectangular, folded in half, and fluttering straight down.  I pointed it out to Daddy J: Look at that paper falling – isn’t that pretty?

Wait, is that money…?

Daddy J walked to the middle of the road (some drivers saw the money fall and slowed, but pedestrians trump drivers in this sort of thing) and picked it up – a nice, crisp one dollar bill.

A very positive, sign, no?  Money from heaven?


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