um, hi?

Firstly, thank you all so much for your sweetness. I promise I didn’t intend to throw a little tantrum and solicit praise and love, but thank you for providing it, anyway. The support really means a lot to me. Angry and Not Terribly Constructive Commenter is in the process of getting blocked, if she’s not already.

The whole adoption thing is so sensitive, you know? Daddy J and I are trying Really Hard to be ethical and fair and kind, but we are Not Perfect, people. We are TRYING, though, to support the (potential) birthparents and provide them with the kind of information that they want to know about us, and they do in fact WANT a relationship with us and they LIKE IT when we come to doctor visits. They appreciate getting to know the people who are going to parent their baby. And Daddy J and I really, honestly, like and respect and want the best for them. And (duh) we’re NOT trying to coerce them and we won’t argue or guilt them if they change their minds about the adoption.

One thing that the Angry Commenter took exception to was the fact that I don’t always refer to the (potential) birthparents with the (potential) designation. Which pisses me off because if she’d bothered to read more of my posts, she’d see that I do often insert the (potential). I just tend to write kind of train-of-thought-y, and it gets old writing a longish descriptive word over and over and it’s easy to leave it off, especially when I feel like everybody here understands that OF COURSE they can change their minds and the baby is not legally ours yet.

FOR THE RECORD (dammit): F. and J. are not actually “birthparents” yet. They are indeed “expectant” parents. When I use the word “birthparents,” I often leave off the “potential,” which is just lazy of me and NOT EVIL. I feel like Daddy J and I are the “expectant” parents, too, and it seems confusing for both sets of people here to be “expectant,” which is why I use the word “birthparents” for them instead.


Moving on.

Both boys resume school tomorrow, which is kind of a bummer, since I like hanging out with them, but also kind of good, because I haven’t known what day it is for the last couple of weeks. I think they’re actually looking forward to starting back.

Rockinrolla and I need to finish up his application to his (potential) (ha) school next year and get that sent off. It would be a huge bummer if there’s already a wait list.

Resolutions…? Anyone…?

I dunno. I’m not feeling it.

I’m liking the quasi-vegan/vegetarian diet I’m on, and want to get a little more exclusive. I like the inclusion of sushi and occasional tidbits of other seafood, though not big slabs of cooked fish, but want to get back to no dairy whatsoever. The holidays have had lotsa tasty cheeses and creamy products (yum) but I do feel better when I omit those from my diet.

I started two new paintings a couple of weeks ago and would like to finish those before Rainbow comes home.

I want to keep on with the meditating and the chemo angels thing and the Habitat committee. I don’t want to commit to more charity stuff than I’m doing already because HOPEFULLY I will be all busy with a new little sweetie.

I need to get the nursery set up, get the layette together, and all that. Such a fine line to tread, because I’m still a little afraid to believe that Rainbow will be coming home in a couple of months, but All Signs Indicate that Rainbow will be coming home in a couple of months.

(Um, make that LESS than a couple of months.)

So, I need to go with it and get ready.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heatherinparadise
    Jan 05, 2009 @ 15:51:38

    If anyone needs an ass-whuppin’, you know who to call. I was trained to kill.

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 14:39:36

    Good to know, Heather, good to know.

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