back to the grindstone

Yeah, it’s time to actually get some work done. I think I’ll work for a couple of hours and then destroy the nursery wall by peeling off that big palm tree. Fun!

I’ve been having the weirdest, most upsetting horror-movie nightmares lately. I guess it’s just anxiety. In one, I was Jean-Luc Picard, and had had an arm replaced with a bony weapon of some sort, and was being forced to fight Huns in a gladiator kind of evil game. It was gruesome and scary. And then I had a nightmare about evil, bloodthirsty zombies who wanted to infect a group of us in a house.


Which is ironic because I HATE scary horror movies and do my best to avoid them, mainly because they cause me to have scary nightmares.


No news from any agency, but no news is good news at this point, I guess.

I bought needed items to work on the nursery wall, and also a short roll of tree frog prepasted wallpaper border for a quarter from the clearance bin at Lowe’s. Not sure what to do with it, but it looks like the tree frogs in it will look a lot like the big froggy decals I ordered. Hm.


I guess I’ll do one more round of birth control pills before I stop them and start pumping. I’m eager to quit b/c I think they’ve made me extra emotional. Plus, they’ve caused me to gain a couple of pounds.

(ahem. yes. the reason for my slight weight gain would TOTALLY be the bcp’s and NOT indulging in holiday goodies and anxiety munching and skipping the exercise. yah rite.)

The breastfeeding protocol does appear to have had a real effect. I’m very hopeful that Rainbow will be able to be breastfed in at least a significant amount, if not totally. 🙂


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