waiting room

You know, people say that when you’re waiting and hoping for your adopted child, it’s “kind of like being pregnant, just in a really different way, and it’s really really nerve-wracking.”

And you know what?

It’s kind of like being pregnant, but it a really different way, and it’s REALLY nerve-wracking.

Even though we have this amazing match, there’s a lot still up in the air, and it’s very hard to not think about that.  I think the only way to proceed is to throw myself into it and believe it’s really going to happen, so that I lean more toward happy/excited and less toward neurotic/anxious.  To just trust that we’re bringing Rainbow home and accept that I’ll be really, really disappointed if we don’t.


F. is going back to the doctor again today, I think, unless it conflicted with her schedule.  She’s on the every-two-week plan now.  I guess she’s about 34 weeks at this point.  I’m sure we’ll hear from the social worker about her dr. visit. 


In other news: I have the nursery wall ready for sanding and then painting.  The wall decals arrived and Perfectionist Self threatened to cause a ruckus when she noted that the new palm tree, butterflies, and tree frogs are wall paper while the existing mural pieces are vinyl stickers and they are not the same wall decor product.  But Immediate Gratification Self told her to put a sock in it, while Pragmatist Self said something about a knuckle sandwich, and Perfecitionist Self has thankfully been quiet since then.  The goal is to get the wall sanded and painted today and maybe start putting the appliques on tomorrow.  I think I will need at least one morsel of feminine advice before I do that, and probably several, because I don’t know whether to do, like, a butterfly cloud over the crib, or maybe a cluster of frogs, and which side of the elephant should the new tree go on…


It’s too frickin’ cold for my taste around here.  Sheesh.  I would never make it in Wisconsin.


I took the Fishmaster to church yesterday, to the Anglican church of our family Religious Guy, which is a good little drive away.  Our Guy wasn’t there, but the Fishmaster was willing to go anyway. 

I am a terrible church attendant, meaning I get horrifically bored.  I like the singing and the responding parts, and I like the first ten minutes of the sermon Just Fine.  The preacher delivered a very nice couple of messages in those first few minutes and I was all – Oh, lovely!  Uplifting!  Nice for both the Fishmaster and me to hear! – and then kept talking and expanding on those themes for another twenty minutes.

I just don’t have the attention span to really enjoy that.  Is it a learned skill?  The Fishmaster, however, was very enthusiastic and wanted to discuss the salient points of the sermon, so, Bonus.  He wants to go back next week.

When he and Rockinrolla were little, I used to take them to the church across the street.  I had similar attention deficit issues at that time, but volunteered for Children’s Church – mwah ha haaaa!!!  I get to leave the sanctuary before the sermon while all you other adults are stuck there, suckas!!! – which was much more fun, and let me play with them and their friends.  I didn’t like the very conservative views that were trickling through to the boys, and got tired of some other things, too, so we quit going. 

This whole church thing with the Fishmaster is interesting because he hasn’t had any churchin’ for years, but has a genuine desire to go now.  It was nice to have him to myself for the long drive and do something wholesome with him (we went to the fellowship hall for snacks and chat afterward, and he was very charming) and I’ll be happy to take him for as long as he wants to go.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 19:22:44

    C’mon up here (my best devil grin), it’s really, really warm here. Well, compared to the North Pole maybe. It was only close to -40° last night with the windchill. Oh yeah, my -40 is the same as yours. Yes, I’m cranky & all that, only 5 more weeks tomorrow, then warmth, finally.

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 14:47:28

    Yeah, well, we’re going to the MID TWENTIES for a HIGH the next couple of days, which is just crazy cold, as far as I’m concerned. Ugh. I can’t IMAGINE there being a windchill of -40, that’s like outer space weather.

    Which reminds me – I heard the funniest comedian sometime recently, can’t remember where. He was saying that the windchill factor was total BS. That weathermen just send some unlucky guy outside naked and ask him how cold it feels. “Dang! It feels like negative five out here!!”

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