hedgehogs and basset hounds

Mostly just to see if I can, I wanted to post this video:

Yay – it worked! I feel so techno-savvy!

Cute, huh? I remember back-in-the-day when Discovery House still had the petting room (I guess that would be before the ferrets mauled some poor kid and they got threatened with a law suit) that they had a really cute hedgehog that you could pet. That was certainly my favorite part of that little mama and boyz field trip.

Anyway, the hedgehog was so funny. They’d put it down on the floor to walk around, and if it got scared (like, if somebody sneezed) it would give this squeaky little “Yike!” and jump straight up into the air. So cute.

(The ferrets, by the way, gave both Rockinrolla and me impressive nips on separate occasions. That Discovery House was where we donated Bunny #1 (what the heck was his name?) when he proved to be a cord chewer and biter and non-litterbox-trainable, with the promise that we’d go visit him often and make sure he was still loved. Then they relocated sans animal room, which was very hard to explain to the boyz. )

Just remembered – his name was Carrot.

***edited to add*** DANG, but my brain is a bowl of congealed oatmeal this morning. There were TWO lop-eared rabbits that Grandma MJ gave the boys: Carrot and… Something Else. They were very cute, yet very dumb.

***edited to add*** I totally made that up about the ferret mauling. No ferret-mauling-lawsuit to my knowledge, although they were NASTY little boogers.

In other news:
The basset hounds inner eyelids have drooped this morning to the point where she is completely blinded. It’s happened before this morning with one eye or the other, but today it’s both, which is a bummer. She walked right into a chair and the computer desk.

Poor girl. She needs, like, a chip clip on the back of her head to tighten up all that loose skin. I guess that have operations for that, but, dang – an eyelid lift for your hound dog…?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daddy J
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 19:10:03

    Hey! Let’s get rid of the basset and the “corgi” and get a hedgehog!

  2. Megan DuBois
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 14:22:44

    I don’t know if you remember our lab, miles, but she had her eyes “done” in Shelbyville by Dr. Perryman(? i think). She had a lower lid problem that caused her eyelashes to irritate her eyes and yes, we felt ridiculous getting our dog a “cosmetic” procedure. Have you actually tried the chip clip idea? It is intriguing.

  3. thisbumpyjourney
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 15:10:20

    Are you mocking the cuteness of the hedgehog, Daddy J? I would LOVE a little hedgehog someday, like when Rainbow is a little older. There’s some serious adorability going on there.

    I *do* remember Miles, Megan – how’s that for a memory that stuck? We will have to do something if Ruby’s issue gets worse. It’s better today. The problem is that her outer lids droop so much anyway, and then when her inner lids move up any, her eyesight is just blocked. Someone suggested yesterday that having the heat on in the house so much might be irritating here eyes (drying them out, I guess?) and making her inner lids puff up.

    No, we haven’t actually tried the chip clip, BUT if you grab a big handful of skin on the back of her head and pull, she has “normal dog” eyes and just looks like a different dog. She’s got a LOT of excess skin hanging off her. I wonder if there’s a gentle way to pull that skin back, like in a scrunchie or something… hmm… seems like there’d be some circulation issues…

  4. Daddy J
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 17:11:30

    No, I was serious…let’s trade in the stink-pot and the neurotic bitch for a hedgehog.

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