co-sleeping paraphenalia

The boys all slept in our bed when they were little bitty, moving into a crib in our bedroom at about six months and then into their own bedrooms at about a year. We never had any problems, but I’m, um, feeling like I might want to exercise a little more caution with Rainbow, especially after the sometimes-scary co-sleeping reports I sometimes hear.

But – we will hopefully/probably be nursing frequently during the night, and I don’t want to do the zombie dance back and forth between his crib and my bed when he’s a wee fellow.

SO – does anyone have any opinions about cosleeping devices? What about this Trestria bed bump type thing? I like the sound of it, but a lot of my concern is covers and pillows from our big bed flopping over on top of him, and this doesn’t seem to address that. Yet, there’s the snuggle factor. Hm.

Or is this type of bassinet deal the ticket?

This one covers a lot of bases, but, um, I wouldn’t be able to touch Daddy J for, like, six months, if we put it between us. Can you put that item on the side of the bed, or do I also need that TresTria item to keep him from falling out?


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  1. clara
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 22:39:38

    I’ve been cosleeping for a long time & I struggled with the same issues. I have it pretty much down to a science now, but I try to stay flexible. I think the trestria thing is pretty cool, but a bit over priced.

    What we did was put a waterproof pad down, then put some receiving blankets on top of that, on top of the blankets we put a little sleep positioner , basically 2 wedge shaped pillows velcroed onto a cloth. They are $10 at any baby store. We cover the positioner with another little blanket and put baby on top, sleeping on his side, with the wedgie pillows about armpit height on him, so I can easily nurse. My husband, me & baby all have our own blanket on top so there’s no risk of baby getting caught under a huge comforter. With the baby safely in the positioner I think he could go beside you, so you’d be baby, you & Daddy J.

    The next thing that helps us is to keep a stack of rec. blankets & hand towels next to the bed for milk, spit up, or diaper disasters. Then, everything, except the waterproof pad & the wedgie pillows get switched out & its so much easier than changing all the sheets all the time. So.. a few ideas, I hope it helps 🙂

  2. charmarie221
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 05:43:18

    I just had this thought the other day. If I was to redo the co-sleeping thing with Riley, what would I do differently? I initially thought the Ushaped thing would be the way I’d go, as she always slept between us, but yeah that does put a wall between you and hubby. Of course just the baby between you is kind of a wall. I guess putting the sleeper thing on your other side would take care of that problem. I’d also seen the things that attach to your side of the bed, sliding under the mattress somehow as an anchor, but for some reason I liked the in bed thing better.

    So I think I’d do the Ushaped thing and put it on my other side some nights and in between us on other nights. You’d know which nights were which. 😉

    Excellent idea by Clara about individual blankets for each sleeper. Definitely takes one worry away right there! Also in agreement with all of the supplies being on hand in the room. We brought a small 2 shelf unit down and put it against the wall, with sleepers and blankets and diapers and wipes and stuff like that. Very handy.

    Getting so excited!!

  3. kag
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 18:01:06

    J- I would totally go with the Arm’s Reach cosleeper. It’s the best by far. Ask Betsy, she finally got one with Nancy after co-sleeping with two kids without one and she just loves it.

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