“snow” day

So, the schools in our county and the one next door (where most of the Fishmaster’s fellow students live) were closed today. There is zero precipitation, but it’s crazy cold for this area – it was 4 degrees when we woke up this morning.

(Yes, I know you toughened northerners are snickering at that, but you guys are just in a different realm up there. I can’t even fathom thirty below being in a place where regular human beings live.)

The rationale behind the closings is, I think, that it’s unsafe for kids to be waiting on the school buses in these temps. Which is why, when I told Daddy J that surely the Fishmaster’s school would be closed today since the counties it serves are closed, I kind of secretly doubted that would be the case. Since, you know, there’s no bus service there…

And, uh, they didn’t call to cancel it…

But it’s just so cozy having them both home, and I thought it would be nice for both of them to get to sleep in, so here we are. I fixed them a big late breakfast of pancakes (sneakily made with 1/4 soy flour and 1/4 whole wheat flour – mwah ha haaaa!!) and maple sausage, and we’re setting in for a day of laundry, pumpkin-bread-making, and afternoon media.

Yeah, baby.

And tonight, Daddy J is bringing home another slab of sushi grade tuna from the fancy butcher so we can have homemade sushi night again.

OH yeah, baby.


Yesterday, CW and I went to the big town and I bought some silk flowers to put over the Roman blinded windows of the nursery. The nursery jungle is going to ROCK. I have to put another coat of paint on before I can affix the rest of the murals, but they’ll be loverly. It’s nice to take little steps to get ready for Rainbow.

Which leads to the question of the day: I think I want to get a video monitor. I used to think they were just for neurotic mothers and kind of Big-Brother-y, but now I’m fully pro. Any thoughts on particular brands or video monitors in general?

CW and I saw Bride Wars, which was actually really entertaining and fun. CW wanted to pretend that she (with her blond bangs) was Kate Hudson and I was Anne Hathaway, and have our own little pseudo-battle. Kate Hudson, though, looked Not Her Best At All and had really, really bad hair in this movie, and also had a pretty unlikeable and unsympathetic character.

So I WIN!! I WIN!! I WIN!!

Carla and Julie

(No, we didn’t wear our tiaras to the movie, although we should have. This is us at R and N’s Christmas party.)


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