nervous little ball of stress


Yes, everything is going fine. The boys are wonderful, the adoption is on target, with just a couple of minor-ish bumps, Daddy J and I are great.

There are no problems here, Mama.

But, yeah, there’s plenty to fret about. I woke up at 4am and was this close to getting up for the day, because I was wide awake and couldn’t get my brain to shut up, then listened to a meditation cd and was able to zone out again.

Rockinrolla and the Fishmaster are still being really fun and getting along together. It’s so much like the old days, when they were like a couple of playful little bear cubs, only now they’re cracking me up with Mom Jeans impersonations and challenging me with questions I can’t answer.

Why does stuff burn? Why only dry stuff?

Why does the United States have a national debt? Who are we borrowing money from? Why are we borrowing money and still lending it out?

What’s up with Seal’s face?

I’m about to go solicit for the Habitat for Humanity auction, which… shudder… I DREAD doing in this economy. But, okay, I’ll soldier on. I have donation requests to hand to shopkeepers so I don’t have to deliver a long sales pitch. Gughhh. Wish me luck.


It would now be Thursday morning. I survived soliciting the town merchants with only a few cold pricklies. A couple of the shops are closing, so I skipped them entirely, although I was disappointed that my favorite shop, also closing, had a big huge sale advertised, yet was locked up.

Today is Meat Day at the Fishmaster’s school. His many efforts to bring in squirrel filets = BITTER FAILURE. Poor boy. But, go me!, I threw together a sack of exotic meat-treats in, like, fifteen minutes this morning. Homemade crab cracker spread, a can of sardines, and a can of smoked oysters, with a brand new box of fancy crackers. Great job, pantry!

I’m about to go get my hair cut. I was going to do the bob I’ve had before where it’s longer in the front than the back, but Daddy J professed his love of long hair (sigh) which for now is winning out over my burning hatred of drying it and dealing with it. I was able to get an appointment yesterday with my very favorite hairdresser, Linda, and am getting another helix cut. I’m not entirely sure it’s all that different than a regular old layered cut, but Linda is a big fan, and believes it “cuts curls in.” So, we’ll be keeping the length (a little past my shoulders) and going for shaggy waves.

Also, I have to solicit donations in the town Linda’s salon is in (yucky, yuck, yuck) and try to breezily deal with that one shop owner who JUST WON”T let you leave her shop without buying some ridiculously overpriced item. (Oh, justlookatmy great sale stuff! These $250 jeans are marked down to ONLY 90 BUXX!) Last time I ended up buying tights just to get out of there. Also, I’m going out to lunch with my mom, so, Bonus.


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  1. Daddy J
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 17:20:20

    Your new hair-cut is HOT! You ought to take a picture and post it.

    In fact, I’m going to leave the office right now, 5 hours early, just so I can see it in person.

    See you soon, Baby.

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