funny exchanges

Fishmaster, to Rockinrolla: Do you know what chitlins are?

Rockinrolla: Um, aren’t they little dogs?


Rockinrolla, displeased with his falafel dinner: Mama, what are falafel made out of?

Mama Jamz: Chick peas.

Rockinrolla: You know, that explains a lot.


In other news, it appears that Meat Day may have resulted in the Fishmaster contracting a nasty case of food poisoning. We suspect the chitlins, or else the hog brains. We’ll see how this unfolds; every student in the middle school was required to take a bite of every dish…

***edited to add*** The Fishmaster made a full recovery. He skipped dinner entirely with a sour, crampy stomach, but had an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie before bedtime and slept all night, and had a normal breakfast and is all perky this morning. Maybe his body was just protesting the intestines and brains he ate. I think my body would object to that treatment.


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