The scene: Mama Jamz is driving Rockinrolla to school because he missed the bus.

Mama Jamz: Uhhhhhh, I have to go get bloodwork done this morning.

Rockinrolla: What’s bloodwork?

Mama Jamz: When they take blood from you with a needle and test it for stuff, like high cholesterol.

Rockinrolla: It sounds like a horror movie: Bloodwork, the unrated version. This time, they won’t just be checking your cholesterol… mwah ha haaaaa…


I realized yesterday, as the Fishmaster made me cry with laughter on the way home from his school, that one bonus about having kids is that you get to (hopefully) instill your sense of humor into them. Like, at least they’ll get your jokes, and, if you’re lucky, the same things will just crack you both up.

Lately, the Fishmaster and I have been amusing ourselves with this game on our drives home after his school.  It’s the Would you rather game, and you MUST pick one of the two options. For example:

Would you rather look like that freaky cat guy from the Ripley’s book OR have one of those huge brass plates in your lower lip for the rest of your life?

(I actually opted for cat guy…)

Would you rather drink room temperature milk with food particles floating in it OR a hot dog that’s been blended with jelly beans and hot sauce?

The possibilities are endless, really.

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