Just for chuckles, let’s see how many days are left until the due date… hmmm… looks like…



And we’re plugging on along here.

Sometimes I envy Daddy J for being busy all day at work and not having time to obsess and wory about the baby coming the way I do.

(and then I think – wait, he’s working all day in an office – never mind. I’ll just stay home and worry, thankyouverymuch.)

(thank you for working all day in an office, Daddy J.)

The nursery is coming along beautifully. It’s like a Barbie dream nursery, a jungly delight. I ordered a crib and changing table from overstock a couple of days ago.  Yes, I wasn’t going to get a changing table, but it’s awfully cute, and I think the moderne stuff will be cool in our house. These don’t have the evil HOV (or something) glue fumes, which I gather is important. Plus – matchy!  Also, look how cute the crib looks when you convert it to a daybed.

(I haven’t actually ordered the conversion kit yet. I haven’t fully accepted the fact that they charge 125 bucks for what appears to be a thin piece of white acrylic, and that I can’t find it for forty bucks somewhere. But I’ll probably get over it and order it before it disappears.)

Still need to get the mattress.  I started to shop for those, and was kind of floored at how expensive they are. Gah. I like the fume-free notion, but it’s certainly warring with Frugal Self’s ideas of what a crib mattress should cost.

I bought fun font white letters that spell out Rainbow’s name from Hobby Lobby and am going to paint them with a sun and rays, so they can be hung over the butterflies that are over his crib and light up the room and OH OH OH THE CUTENESS.


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  1. sweetsalty kate
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 17:33:28

    Just so excited for you – what an absolutely fantastic crib and change table. Clapping! cheering! Can’t wait.

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