weekend activities

Daddy J’s thirty-eighth birthday is tomorrow, and we went with a group of friends to Morton’s in the Big City to celebrate.  It was awesome.  We shared a limo on the way up and back, passing around tequila shots, and made up mildly obscene limericks on the way home.

***AND I have a great pic from the restaurant that I an unable to scan for some reason.  Stupid technology.  Imagine a handsome Daddy J with a smiling and happy Mama Jamz, and you’ll get the general idea.

Today I met my mother and her husband for an afternoon of MOUNTAIN BIKING  with the boys.

I KNOW!  I KNOW!!  Not at all what I’d have expected for my Sunday, especially after an evening of celebration.

It’s all my mother’s doing.  After today, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that my mother is five times the badass that I am.  She was shrugging off the deep, treacherous downhills and the burn-inducing uphill climbs like they were a stroll in the park.

I was very brave, though, and only whined a little.

It turned out that the bouncy shock absorbers on the front of the bike I was using were locked, so that each little bump over root and rock had to get absorbed by my wimpy arms and shoulders, which makes a difference.  We established that issue halfway through, well after my arms, shoulders, and neck were loudly protesting.

Stepfather JC:  SO let’s take a look at the map here!  We’ve gone about 2.8 miles, and now we’ll take this incredibly long and twisty loop that will be another three times the length we’ve gone so far –

Mama Jamz: MY vote would be for actually taking a shorter route back to the car.

(vehement protests from Rockinrolla, who is LOVING this)

Mama Jamz: Like, actually I’d prefer the short-EST route back to the car.



I really didn’t protest too much, though.  It was incredibly beautiful and invigorating, for real.  Two deer bounded between the boys, which was awesome.  Many places in the woods were just fairy-tale surreal with their beauty.  I’m SO glad we went and I shared it with the boys.  And I would totally go again, as soon as I’ve recovered from this go-round.

We ended up going 5.8 miles or so through this terrain.  Might not sound like much, but my rear-end, back, and shoulders would beg to differ.


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