Which is a very good thing right now.  Otherwise, there would probably be an excessive amount of internet sad-adoption-story reading and possibly some obsessive hot gluing/decorating around here.

The charity ball I’m involved in is this weekend.  I verified last night that I can in fact get into my dress (eating might not be possible, but that’s okay) and today we assemble the baskets for the silent auction.  My main job is coming up – and I looove it and am very protective of my duties.  MY job is to come up with the corny names for and descriptions of the items in the baskets for the bid sheets, and then print the stickers and attach them to the sheets.

For example:

I Double Dog Dare You!  (two porcelain Staffordshire dogs – tee hee)

Take me Dancing, Darling (dance tickets with other stuff, maybe champagne flutes and champagne)

She’s So Beautiful in Emeralds… (emerald jewelry of some flavor)

I can’t wait!  Last year, I held in the corniness just a tad, but the ladies loved the verbal flair, so I’m going to crank it up this time.  The toughest part is finding a name that’s just AWESOME but too crude or risque and having to pass it by:

For All You Lushes Out There (the bottles of fancy wine)

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down   (for the inevitable silk ties)

Make Her Pant for More  (for the dressy lady’s suit)


Later this weekend (Sunday, I guess) I take my turn cleaning the Fishmaster’s middle school room.  His school, which in some ways reminds me of  a homeschooling co-op, has nothing resembling a cafeteria or front office or janitorial staff.  The kids rotate cleaning chores every afternoon (vacuuming, wiping tables, wiping bathroom surfaces with disinfectant wipes, taking out trash) and then parents sign up for two week shifts where one week you deep clean and the next you sanitize all the cleaning rags.  I’m VERY PRO having the kids involved in cleaning their own classroom stuff – I think it encourages respect for their environment and tidiness in general – but I kind of wish I could discreetly hire someone to do my cleaning this weekend…

However!  As mentioned above, it will keep my busy on Sunday and my head away from fretting about the adoption.

Which!  is closer every day.


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