trapeze act

Having walked through the deep and dim and prickly forest of anti-adoption views (a journey I took all on my own in the past couple of months via teh interwebs) I have emerged tempered and sure and thrilled to my core.

It’s hard to not second-guess yourself and feel doubt when reading very sad and emotional stories of painful adoptions and their repurcussions.  Maybe that’s a good thing: to thoroughly self-evaluate and know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and come to the conclusion that it is in fact A Good Idea.

As I wrote in our profile so many months ago: We want to adopt a baby because we truly love children, and we know that we have room in our hearts and in our lives for another child.

It’s a spiritual leap: an intersection of souls.  Not that I expect all peaches and cream; there will be sour notes and bumps on the earthly plane, I assume, but on a higher level I believe our souls will always be digging it.  If this baby joins our family, we’ll link up and get entwined with another soul and it will be a beautiful thing.  A joyful, exhilarating thing.  A Learning Opportunity to end all, for us and for Rainbow and for his birthparents, as well.  And yes, I know they will probably have sadness and loss and  feelings of regret from time to time, but I have faith that they are intelligent, thoughtful people who making this choice for their own good reasons. 

In my personal Spiritual Book, it’s all about growth and experiences bringing us ever closer to Home, drinking in whatever sweetness you can get (and give) along the way: this is a Growth Experience for all of us.


I have this image of standing with my family and looking across the chasm.  I see this other person, through shifting winds and glinting sun, way far away on the other side.  Okay, I call out.  I’ll jump.  Do you want to jump?  The other figure nods and hollers YES. 

[Maybe he’ll change his mind at the last second, or maybe our hands will miss, but the leap and the joining and the mid-air dance in the clouds are irresistible and well worth the risk of falling down alone in the dust.]

Let’s do it then.  Ready?






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sweetsalty kate
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 02:06:36

    Such a lovely post, but the last bit, the hollering across that void, the leap? Triumphant.

  2. kag
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 17:45:45

    Yes, the leap, the risk, the possibilities…that’s love.


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