body fluids

So, I’d say my blood gets a C+.

I went back to the nurse practitioner and we went over my bloodwork and bone density scan, and it was pretty mediocre.

Bragging rights to Daddy J are floating away in the wind…  Buh-bye…

It was certainly a Good Thing that I went for the bloodwork.   My bad cholesterol (LDL) wasn’t fantastic, but is within the normal range.  My good cholesterol (HDL) was good, at 60.

She said that if I were an overweight middle aged man she’d say my cholesterol levels were GREAT, but seeing as I eat really well and am not overweight and am 36, they are kind of meh.  It must be my genes, and we’ll just have to watch it.  I guess my dad had high cholesterol; I know he had high blood pressure and hypertension.  She said that if I keep on keepin’ on with the way I’ve been eating and living, I’ll be fine with regards to cholesterol.

I’m not anemic and my white blood cells and electrolytes looked good, so three mini gold stars there.

And as far as the bone density goes, I have pre-osteoperosis. 


Like, if it were just a smidgeon worse on the graph-curve thing she showed me, it would be full-blown osteoperosis.    Cuh-razy.

We’re on it, though, she and I.  I’m going to start drinking 5 glasses of rice milk a day and taking Fossamax and walking three times a week for some weight-bearing exercise (who knew that the elliptical machine I’ve used over the past few years did nothing for my bones??!  WHO KNEW??!) and working out with dumb-bells twice a week.

Self: You had me up until the bit about the dumb-bells.  Who in the WORLD do you think you are kidding.  Puh-leeze.

Body:  Suck it up, Self, and get with the program.  We’re going to beef up these fragile bones.  HUP HUP HUP!!

In other Mama Jamz body news, the pumping is going quite well, I think.  I hit a speed bump a couple of weeks ago when, trying to follow the Ask Lenore protocol, I was pumping about every two-three hours.  The girls protested loudly, and it was pretty much a bummer for a couple of days. 

I took a longish  break of 12 hours or so, and have since been pumping every 3-5 hours.  It’s generally(ish) at 6:15, 10:00, 2:00, 6:00, and 9:30 lately, with negligible discomfort, and I’m getting about 1/2 ounce per session.

Milktastic, baby.  Totally pumptacular.


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  1. kag
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 18:40:44

    I have the pre-osteo, too. Once we either have a baby or decide we will not be having a baby, I will be starting the anti-osteo drugs. We don’t want to end up like Grandma 😦 She would be in pretty good shape, but for her bones…

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