ha ha ha *sniffle*

Oh, dear.  I am WEEPING with laughter.

Check out this blog and the tantalizing cakes therein.  I think I’m going to have to look at the passive aggressive cakes for a third time and see if they make me cramp with giggles yet again…

(yes, they did.)

In other news: I actually did the sleep study last night. 

I feel incredibly mature.

I drove myself in the dark to a hospital about 45 minutes away, toted all of my bags (including breast pump) across the parking lot and into the sleep clinic, had nurses hook me up to all manner of diodes and sensors with tape and sticky goop, and slept in there all night.

So, we’ll see what comes of this.  The sleep doctor, whom I saw yesterday, said I looked absolutely nothing like a person who would have a snoring/apnea issue, based on my chin and neck and overall build, and that he was “intrigued” about my results.  It sort of made me feel like he was saying I was making it all up or something, but the issue is real, right Daddy J?

(Daddy J snickers and gives himself a personal high-five at making me describe a nonexistent problem and sleep overnight at a hospital for no reason.  Ha ha haaaa…)

No, I’m sure Daddy J isn’t yanking my chain.  I do snore, doctor, I do, even though you say you can judge the exact sleep issue or lack thereof in 9 out of 10 people.

I’m that tenth person!!


I think they call me to set up the appointment to review my results in a week or so.

Adoption news: There is no adoption news, other than the fact that any second I expect to get a call telling me to pack my bags.

Also: we got the cradle set up in our bedroom, complete with chi-chi organic mattress and velour sheets, people.  How excited am I about snuggling a baby into velour sheets: very.  I got some for the cradle and some for the crib, which is waiting patiently for assembly upstairs.


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  1. Joe Newton
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 21:25:34

    Glad to hear you are getting the sleep study. It was heavy snoring that led to Carol having one done a few years ago. She also was certain that she had no problem, until the sleep study found she stopped breathing over 200 times in about 5 hours. She has been using a CPAP machine since, with considerable improvement. I hope your doc finds that you don’t have the problem, but if you do, it is treatable – and it is too dangerous a thing to ignore. I am quite sure that Hubby has not just been pulling your chain; he is bright enough to know better where something as potentially serious as SA is concerned.

    Please send me a new email. I have had a couple I sent to you returned, so wonder if you might have changed your email address.

    Best to you and the rest of the family as you get ready to bring home the new baby. I am still hopeful that we’ll get to go to Jay’s ceremony, but am dealing with a number of issues that may prevent it.


    Uncle Joe

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