checking in from happy land

All is well here. Wonderfully so.

But (and I think I’ve heard this before) newborns take a lot of time and attention. This is a child who likes to be held. (Who has a mama who likes to hold him, so that works out.)


Rainbow had his two week checkup (at two weeks and five days) with our pediatrician at home. He had been to the pediatrician in his birth state at four days, and I wanted to wait and take him to his regular doctor. Time for puffed-up mama pride: his doctor said he is gaining weight beautifully and looks perfect. He now weights 9 pounds 4 ounces (up from birth weight of 9 pounds 1.3 ounces) and has grown from 22 inches to 22.5.

**happy grin**

The nursing is… piddling along. This child just gets HUNGRY, and the girls have not yet stepped up to the plate. I’ve been nursing him first and then giving him a bottle (the SNS is gathering dust, annoying thing) and he’ll gulp three ounces of formula easily. I’m giving domperidone one last shot: I have upped my dosage to 12 10-mg pills per day with this last bottle of 100 pills, and we’ll see what happens. He certainly likes to nurse and isn’t having any nipple confusion. Maybe I’ll end up with a compromise feeding plan, with the nursing first for comfort and super-baby-ingredients, and the bottle second for fill-up-the-tummy-ed-ness. Which would be fine.

{pssst: Did you know that a newborn, given 4 ounces of formula at bedtime, will pretty much sleep ALL NIGHT? I think he nursed sporadically all night (as the girls will attest: Miss Left was fully drained in the morning, while Miss Right was desperate for emptying) but he never really woke me up until about 5:00.}

{Also: it’s kind of cool that Daddy J gets to feed him, too. I struggled with some territory rights when he gave him his first bottle, but it’s actually really great that Daddy can have the feeding bond, too. Rockinrolla gave him part of a bottle this evening – at his own very vehement request – and I think that’s awesome.}

I wrote F a check-in letter today that will get mailed tomorrow because I can’t find any stamps. I want to establish a paper-and-ink correspondence with her, because I think it will be nice for her to keep letters and such for rereading, and I don’t want e-mail with her daily, I don’t think. I think the written letters will be just right for our relationship.

Gold star for Mama Jamz: I just had Rainbow’s first formal Wal-mart portraits taken. (I know! I am incredibly classy!!) I joined the Wal-mart portrait club, which means that they pretty much give them away if your order from a single pose. My whole order today was about 8 bucks, and I got a free 8×10. Bonus! I plan to go back often, even though the photographer was visibly annoyed that I didn’t spring for the classy retouching or fancy script on the pics or additional sheets.


Rainbow and the boys and I have been on a few walks about town, and it’s so nice feeling his weight in the front pack and kissing his fuzzy head. I’m feeling really inadequate at describing this, but it’s just… lovely. I find myself crying often, but they’re very, very happy tears. He is such a beautiful child, with limitless potential, that sometimes it’s kind of staggering that he’s been put in our care, but I do think we’re drawn to be with the people we are meant to be with, so here we are.

I think a lot about Wardie, of course, and get sad sometimes and talk to him. I ask him what he’s doing in heaven and if he’s having a good day, and I know he’s doing things that he loves and that he’s having a very special day. I think about him smiling at us and laughing with us, and saying that Rainbow is a very special boy, and that we have a very special family, and that he loves us very much.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cousin Betsy T.
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 12:33:32

    Whenever I think of Wardie(which is actually fairly often) I see him with an aura of pure contrntedness and joy. I know he is totally thrilled to see you so happy with his new brother.

  2. Leslie
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 15:11:55

    I hope you are really proud of yourself for what a great job you are doing nursing him! He is a lucky baby.

  3. Auntie Sue
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 18:04:15

    I know in my heart that Ward is so proud to be a big brother and so happy to see and feel you joy. Rainbow has a very special, very wonderful and loving guardian angel. How many people have told you that Rainbow is spectacularly gorgeous? Add me to that list.

  4. Mary in Atl
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 15:29:54

    Laughter & tears – I am so thankful your (and our) prayers for an addition to the A-clan have finally been realized! Rainbow has landed in a wonderful family, home & town. Lucky for all- love Mare

  5. William Millsaps
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 22:15:53

    You know I feel so close to all of you and seeing Betsy T’s comment moved me very much. I can get used to calling Leo “Rainbow” , but he may find it a little difficult when
    he gets to be around 12. Maybe if we all took Native American names things really would be cool. Some Irish people still have ancient Celtic nicknames which are somewhat similar. But somebody always gets one like “Thundercloud ” or “Stormy Weather’ because they had colic. “Rainbow” is a beautiful one. I like to think God gives all His children happy names. It is we who miss the point.

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