the perils of cheapskatitude

Frugal Self: Ah look!  The birth announcements are here!  And they are most certainly legible!

Tasteful Self: Yes.  Here they are.

Frugal Self: And that’s Rainbow’s picture all right!

Tasteful Self: Indeed.  Interesting how his vibrant, mottled coral skin contrasts with his garish blue blanket and the faded blue-gray background. 

Frugal Self: No additional postage here, baby!

Tasteful Self: Quite.  Flimsy, thin paper products generally mail for cheap.

Frugal Self: Well, they only cost forty bucks.

Tasteful Self: Exactly.  If you spend fifty cents each on online birth announcements, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET: the stationery equivalent of a generic soft drink.  We are not sending these out to anyone.

Frugal Self: But what do you expect me to do with them? Throw them away?!?

Tasteful Self: Perhaps staple one next to the computer as a reminder to not cheap out when online shopping, and burn the rest.  **sniff**


Bummer, huh?  I am so disappointed with Snapfish.  Have you ever ordered from there?  I ordered a bunch of prints, too, and they all have a decidedly orangey cast.  Yuck.  I wonder if they have a return policy for tackiness.


The Fishmaster has his last day of spring break today.  Tuesday we went up to see Daddy J at his new office and went out to lunch, and yesterday we went to Kroger and then a sushi restaurant, where we were met by Uncle T and his girlfriend, D.  It would be nice to do something really thrilling with him on his break, but it’s been very pleasant just chilling out with him.  I think my mother is taking the afternoon off today to take him fishing.

Rockinrolla wants to participate in a Guitar Hero tournament this Saturday night.  It starts at 8:30, which is kind of late-ish if you ask me, but Daddy J is sounding like he may drive him to it.  Rockinrolla does have some pretty darn good Guitar Hero skills.

It’s a big Event weekend for Rainbow and me.  I feel totally spoiled, but can’t wait: my mother is having a “Grandmother’s Viewing Party” (aka Pass the Baby and Admire His Profound Cuteness Party), and Cousin N. is having a family shower on Sunday.  I think we are having two more showers after that: one from friends in town and one with the Fishmaster’s school parents.  Which is awfully sweet and slightly embarrassing and really exciting, all rolled up in one.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cousin Betsy T.
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 03:51:56

    Who wouldn’t want a chance to see this gorgeous boy and shower him with fun baby stuff?

  2. CA Mama
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 21:30:48

    I would totally call Snapfish on the bad prints. We’ve done it with Apple and they did a refund on our card within a day. Tiny Prints is pretty good, and they often have 15% off deals.

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