shower #1

was completely wonderful.

Rainbow and I went to my mother’s house for a casual “Viewing Party” that also involved a lot of gifting of very cute baby boy outfits and accessories.  I always get a pang when I drive up to my mother’s house, since that’s where Ward spent his last minutes and where he had his accident, but, again, I had a very nice time.

Mom’s sisters and mother, my grandmother’s sister and her daughter, and my mom’s friends from work and social friends came over.  We had light little snacks and bevs, but of course the focus of the party was Rainbow.  Clearly, my mom had promised everyone that they would get to Hold the Baby, and she delivered.

Mom: Okay, Kathy, you’ve had your turn. Who wants to hold the baby now?

Rainbow, for his part, slept almost the entire time, and in between naps offered up drowsy grins and pleasant gazes.  He was totally adorable, of course, and even slept contentedly in the car both ways.  (I know!!  I need to quit with the this-baby-is-so-easy stuff, I’m totally jinxing myself, but THIS BABY IS SO EASY AND CUDDLY AND ADORABLE IN EVERY WAY HOLY COW.)

It was so fun to have our first Let’s Celebrate a New Baby event.  I really, truly just loved having him the center of attention and having so many people congratulate us on our new son.

I think that the best part, though, was seeing how much my mom’s friends love her.  It was so sweet.  I realize now that I’ve given very little thought to the grandparents’ pain and hopes through the last few years.  It must have been so awful for my mother when Wardie leapt into the water that last time at her house, but she’s never talked to me about how much it hurt her.  She must have gone through the same roller coaster as Daddy J and me with the miscarriages and the fertility treatments, and the whole adoption ride, but she didn’t talk about her anxieties with me. 

Her friends, though, I imagine got an earful.  So it was especially wonderful to see how happy they are for her now.  Her very good friend, V, is having a grandson in a month or so, and it was so cute (I need a better word than cute, but it escapes me, and Rainbow will wake any second now) to see them plan to get their baby grandsons together to play.


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  1. Mary in Atl
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 17:31:31

    I didn’t realize Ward’s accident happened at your mom’s house, another layer of pain you have faced & deal with. I can’t imagine how much all of you have to put away somewhere to get on with living. I was talking to JBA last year about Ward & a friend I still grieve for. JBA was like – LOSS IS LOSS – not measured in how much greater someone’s is to someone else’s I still think it is not quite like that ….. I guess it’s like a river – rising, falling, raging & gentle at times. It flows between us, around us & sometimes over us. Sometimes we lose sight of what happens up & downstream in the same river. Your mom, family & friends all have a part of the river connected to yours & all their own too.

  2. sweetsalty kate
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 17:38:17

    I wonder this too… my mom, her loss as a grandmother. I loved this post. And I love them all – hearing abour Rainbow makes me beam. It’s just all so right.

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