Easter weekend

Little Rainbow gets baptised this weekend on Easter Sunday. 

The Anglican bishop who is performing the ceremony is our family Religious Guy, our go-to man for weddings, christenings, and funerals.  He married Daddy J and me almost 15 years ago, spoke at my father’s and Ward’s and Daddy J’s grandfather’s memorial services, and has christened all of our kids and many of the cousins.  It’s very nice to have a Religious Guy that you like and trust, who likes you, too, to do all these huge things.  We don’t go to church regularly by any stretch, but love his church up on the mountain very much and feel more Churchily at home there than anywhere else.

Rainbow’s christening gown still fits, except for top button of the over-gown. (Hallelujah!)  The inner slip is a wee bit snug over his manly chest, but it’ll be okay.  Next weekend would probably be too late.  Jennifer is planning on coming Tuesday to take pictures of him at our house in his gown, and I’m so excited about seeing them.  He just looks like a perfect china doll in a gorgeous lacy dress.

Daddy J and I are planning on a lunch date today with Papa babysitting Rainbow, as well as a little bit more Easter shopping.  The Fishmaster is hunting turkeys this morning with Grandma L’s husband, R.  He was THRILLED to finally do it.  Rockinrolla is still snoozing, little sweetie, and will make his way down soon for his favorite breakfast of bagel and peanut butter, I expect.

The breastfeeding is in its last days, I’m afraid.  I got really bummed out about it a few days ago and tried again with the supplemental nursing system.  The problem is nipple confusion, I guess.  He’s just not latching on well at all, not draining me when he does nurse, and is quite happy with the bottle.  It seems that my only option would be to use the SNS at every feeding and hope my supply increases, along with pumping in between, and I’m just not up for it.  I switched to the fastest flow SNS tube, and it still just takes forever to get much milk into him.  He’s still nursing some, mostly for comfort and getting to sleep, but I doubt it will last much longer.  Right now, I’m pretty okay with it, but on occasion it makes me terrifically sad.

I think about F, Rainbow’s birthmother, all the time now it seems.  I hope so much that she’s okay, I hope she and J are able to stay together through this, I hope that, when the dust settles, she feels at peace with her decision, and I hope she has a successful, happy, rich life.  I see her face in Rainbow’s so clearly.

More pictures coming soon, I promise.  Rockinrolla had his spring break this past week and it seems like every single day was jam-packed, but I want to share Rainbow’s adorableness (and rapidly increasing chub) with you all.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cousin Betsy T.
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 05:01:14

    so sorry we’ll miss tomorrow but will be thinking of you all and saying a special prayer of thanksgiving for rainbow.

  2. CA Mama
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 03:24:27

    Thinking about F all the time sounds familiar. I think somehow that concrete events, holidays, christenings, etc. bring on these bouts of thoughtfulness. Happy Easter to your family!

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