shower #3

was at the Fishmaster’s school.

It was scheduled to be at the instigating mama’s house, but she developed the flu, so the headmaster’s wife switched the location to her home.  (The school is pretty unusual in that the headmaster and his wife live in the midst of all the schoolbuildings on a farm.)

It was a book shower.  I had suggested that theme to the mama who’d offered to have it since our little baby books had burned up with the house in 2003.  We’ve replaced quite a few, of course, but since Ward was about 1 when the house burned and over 2 when we moved into the new house, we didn’t have the big baby book library that I like to have.

I was a little nervous since, even after almost two years of the Fishmaster’s attending the school, I don’t actually know that many of the mamas’ names.  It’s a super small school (about 50 kids grades 3-12) and I’ve only interacted with the other middle school mamas anyway.  Several of the primary and high school mamas very sweetly participated, but I had no idea what their names were.  I pulled the headmaster’s wife aside when I got there and explained my dilemma.  She was very helpful with pointing people out, although I was too nervous about remembering everyone’s name to actually remember everyone’s name.

It turned out to not be a terribly big deal, of course. 

The ladies had a spread of beautiful springy desserts (strawberry trifle with whipped cream so thick it was almost butter, REALLY good chocolate chip cookies, fruit, and the cutest baby shower dessert EVER: lemon cupcakes turned upside down, coated in glaze, and topped with white life savers and jelly beans glued with icing to look like pacifiers) so, um, guess what I had for a snack yesterday evening and for a huge breakfast this morning.  YUM YUM YUM.

G, the headmaster’s wife, read from some of her daughter’s favorite books, scriptural and otherwise, and had decorated with old, loved books on the table.  Rainbow was showered with board books, books with fun moving parts, biblical books, a special photo album, and beautiful picture books, many of which were inscribed by the giver.

AND the ladies had gone in together to give us the fancy jogger stroller I had registered for.  SCORE!!

Rainbow slept for most of the event, waking toward the end for a bottle and a round of Pass-the-baby.  Those mamas are so wholesome and pleasant, just like their kids.  (Have I mentioned how much I love the Fishmaster’s school??!) It was super-pleasant, chatty and warm and nice.

Also great was talking to other adoptive mothers about how their families were created.  One mama was adopted as an infant and said that she feels so positively about adoption that that was how she wanted to build her own family, so her kids are adopted.  It was refreshing to hear an adult adoptee talking about being so glad to be adopted.  I know that not all adult adoptees feel that way, but it was reassuring to hear from one who does.

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