we must have been glowing

I took Rainbow to Wal-mart yesterday.  It was a multi-purpose trip: pick up the frickin-frackin-portraits, pick up prints I’d ordered online, return some duplicate and too small baby items, and buy some stuff.

On the way in, an older middle-aged couple came over to admire a sleeping Rainbow as I was getting his carseat situated in the cart.  The husband asked if he was my first, and I said that he was actually my fourth.  He was incredulous and asked how old I was, and then just refused to believe I was 36.  He kept saying I couldn’t be older than 22.  It was GRRRREAT.

(Yes, I am Just That Easy to please, and Just That Vain.  I’m sure he must have been half-blind and/or just wanting to make me feel good, but it was still a delightful way to start Wal-marting.)

After steeling myself to deal with the obnoxious photographer, I went straight to the portrait studio to pick up the photos and learned that they were closed for the next hour.  Stupid portrait studio.

I got copies of the portraits Jennifer took and they are beautiful.  I’m going to try to write F and J today and send them several shots.  I picked up a few outdoor plants to pretty up the front of the house for visitors, seeing as it’s Daddy J’s TWENTIETH HIGH SCHOOL REUNION HOLY COW.

The fun thing, though, was how Rainbow drew adoration everywhere we went.  I mean, he always gets admired, but this was crazy.  Even though he was sleeping most of the time, grannies and mamas and kids kept coming up to the cart to smile and ogle him.  I found myself saying, over and over, Yes, I know!  He’s SO beautiful and cute and sweet. I know!  He’s a doll!  He’s a honey!  I’m enjoying him so much!  Thank you!

When we got out to the car, I started it to cool it down as I loaded stuff in and Toto’s Africa was playing.  Such a treat.  Ward loved that song.  I can see him bobbing his head in the rear view mirror as it played.  I was smiling like a loon and singing along.

Which made me think of the songs that are forever attached to people I love, to the extent that they are sacred to me.  I can’t hear these songs without thinking of the people they belong to and feeling good.  For the Fishmaster, it’s Emmylou Harris’s Ballad of Sally Rose album.  We used to two-step and waltz to it when he was just a little scooter, with that first baby all-inclusive adoration.  He would ask for Emmy-yoo! Emmy-yoo! when he got tired.  Rockinrolla loved (and still loves) Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk.

And it’s Peter Gabriel’s Only Us (particularly Don’t Give Up)that is forever Daddy J’s, because he sent it to me when I was abroad it Scotland and I listened to it, while missing him, over and over and over…

So, how about you?  What music is sacred to you, in that it is forever linked to someone you love?

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  1. Erin
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 21:35:27

    Everyone loves a rainbow, Julie. :>) And what a great topic! I think everyone has certain music that will forever be attached to certain people. And I think you all have impeccable taste. Now I’ll think of Ward too when I hear “Africa”.

    My dad has been sick, and suddenly I’ve been hearing John Waite’s “I Ain’t Missing You” A LOT — it was the song most associated with my late husband. I hope that’s his way of saying he’s watching over my dad.

    “Shine” by Collective Soul will forever be my niece Grace’s song — it was the first thing I heard after hearing she’d arrived. Heaven let its light shine down that day. Her sister Maria is of course “My Maria”. She had a narrow escape from being named “Corinne” (which I will forever associate with the trampy girl on “Soap”) Happily, her Dad heard Brooks and Dunn sing it and fell in love with the name.

    Their little brother John will always be there when I hear “Coalminer’s Daughter”. My brother always sang it to him when he was a wee one (he’s a big boy of 10 now) and I still laugh thinking of Johnner trying to sing along “Dotter!” I smile every time.

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 12:33:09

    Thanks, Erin! That’s nice how you keep hearing the John Waite’s song. Seemsl like I hardly ever hear that one any more.

    I love “Shine” and “Maria” – two of my fave feel good songs – and “Coalminer’s Daughter,” too. That’s on one of our often played mix cd’s at home. You have a nice array of sacred songs, too. 🙂

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