ruby Tuesday

No, not the restaurant or even the song, just a lovely, sparkly day so far.  I was all set to take Rainbow on a walk after his bath and oil rubdown, but he’s fallen asleep on me.  I should be able to get some Work in while he’s out, but wanted to post a few completely random updates.

The randomness (and the sparkly ruby-ness) of my thoughts this Tuesday is largely due to the decongestant I’m on.  I went to the local clinic yesterday with annoyingly clogged ears and a very sore throat.  Ordinarily I’d stick it out a few more days to see what would happen, but the idea of giving something to the wee one is horrendous (no meds in that perfect little package quite yet, please!) so I went to get checked out.  Not the flu, swine or otherwise, just fluid behind the ears and, um, a red, sore throat.  The doc gave me a steroid shot and a suggestion for decongestants and I am MUCH better.  This morning, I think I could actually feel my Eustacian tubes draining.  AHHHH….

(speaking of: is it a Getting Older thing to have ear tube issues?  I never had those before at all until the last few years.)


While waiting for the clinic to open, I got in a nice little visit with friend S.  She had called and wanted to meet little Rainbow.  I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I was afraid she didn’t like me any more.  (insecure much, MJ?)   I had called her several times since getting back from Rainbow’s birth state, but she was sick at first and didn’t want to infect him, and then radio silence.  (crackle… hiss…)  Left a couple more messages and starting thinking (**sniff**) that she was trying to give me a clue to quit calling so frickin much already, I’m Just Not That Into You.  BUT – it was my cluenessless at work, thankfully.  Poor S had a hideous reaction to some meds that left her bedridden for two weeks, and then my broken cell phone and lack of an answering machine made it all but impossible for her to get ahold of me.  So – yay, we’re still friends and she’s getting over her medical nightmare and she got to meet our little man.

(Whew!  The drama never ends!)

(Cut me some slack, I’m on decongestants.)

ALSO got to see another friend (and former coworker and former preschool teacher of the big boys), SW, at the clinic with her daughter, J.  Back in the day, J. was Mary to the Fishmaster’s Joseph at a church pageant.  So sweet.


The Fishmaster had a sleepover for the middle school boys (all, like, eleven of them) last night and today the entire school is having Mud Day.  As in, Red Rover, Tag, Tug of War, and various other “dangerous” and public-school-forbidden games in a muddy, freshly ploughed field.  I plan to pick him up with lawn garbage bags lining the passenger seat.

(have I mentioned lately how much I love his school?)


Mother’s Day at my mom’s house was nice. My Uncle Billy and my grandfather, who hadn’t yet met Rainbow, got to see him.  My grandfather is very hard of hearing, and also very effusive and chatty.  I came in with a sleeping Rainbow, planning to hold him during the meal.  My grandfather approached, all smiles.  What followed was hysterical, though kind of annoying at the time:

Mama Jamz: SHHHHH Granddaddy, he’s sleeping.  (shakes head, makes exaggerated shushing face.)


Rainbow: (startles, looks up at me with alarm, then settles back immediately with eyes closed.)

Mama Jamz plus all family members within hearing: (nervous chuckle) No, no, be quiet, the baby’s sleeping.

Granddaddy: SO LET’S SEE THIS LITTLE GUY!!  LET GRANDDADDY TAKE A LOOK!!  (pulls back Rainbow’s blanket)

Rainbow:  Ah yes!  It’s mealtime!  I almost slept through it, and risked making it far too easy for a starving Mama Jamz to eat her lunch.  Thanks Granddaddy!

(annnnnd… you probably just had to be there.  My grandfather’s just really funny and loud and nice, and it was a riot seeing my grandmother get annoyed and try to get him to quiet down.)


Rainbow has been his usual squidgy, happy self.  He’s been having three sippy cups a day of formula with cereal and prunes (mmm!  gruel!) and loves it.  The feeding handout from the doctor was all dire about giving them food in any manner that didn’t involve a spoon, but whatever.  The boy is hungry and he’s too young for a spoon.  It just doesn’t work out.

The nursing is still in its last days, dwindling away.  He’ll nurse at night, maybe 3 times between 2:00 and 5:00, and I try to pump once or twice during the day, when I’ll get about 3 oz a pop.  He still knows how to do it, but during the day when he’s genuinely hungry, he just gets enraged if I try to nurse him with the slow-flow breast instead of give him a bottle.  It’s okay though; we gave it a good shot, I think.


One last bit of randomness:  Awesome business idea – you can do it and mail me a check for half the profits: cloth diapers made out of Sham-wows.  So sleek and comfy, no?


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