tempest in a teapot

So, I am totally pro gay marriage.  I understand that some religious groups are anti, which is fine: they don’t have any requirement to condone, recognize, or perform gay marriages.  But I think that same-sex unions should be as legal and binding as opposite sex unions everywhere outside of churches (or temples or mosques or whathaveyou.)

However: I find myself firmly in the Keep Her Crown camp on this one.

Carrie Prejean was asked a question, she answered it (as opposed to getting flustered and spitting out some other rehearsed response) in a pretty polite and articulate way, I think.  Sure, she could have been more vague with her own stance, but I am impressed that she went ahead and stated her views.  And gay marriage still isn’t recognized by most of the country, so… is she technically even politically incorrect?

Yes, the Voice of Satan thing is kind of weird, but who am I to talk negatively about interior voices urging you to do what you think is morally correct?

(And No, obviously if the little voices tell you to do something that is illegal or hurts anyone, you know, that’s Bad.  Duh.)

And, I have zero issues with her topless pics.  Evidently, there is a clause about semi-nude pics in the pageant contract, and the former Miss Nevada was fussing that she got stripped of her title while Miss California is getting to keep hers.  But, um, her pics are different.  I have a copy of French Elle back from our honeymoon and it really is a model-y thing in other countries to show a little nip.  And even here, don’t we have models posing in sheer, wet white tops all the time?  I don’t buy her whole I-didn’t-know-the-photographer-was-taking-pictures thing; that’s goofy and a clear lie, but I am willing to get over it.

But let’s poll again, shall we?  This is as good an excuse as any.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KatieC
    May 14, 2009 @ 00:29:17

    I, too, am pro-gay marriage/union and think she should not lose her crown over her opinion – it would amount to censoring! As for the pics, I don’t find them offensive but I think that the organization should be careful to uniformly apply the rules. But to strip her of her crown for her opinion – well, that is just scary to me!

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    May 14, 2009 @ 14:35:03

    Totally, KatieC.

    And is anyone else amused at how little everyone cares about Miss California’s turbulent reign? pretty funny, I think.

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