post placement #2

T, the social worker, came yesterday for our second of three post-placement visits.  She was scheduled to come at 6:30, yet arrived about 6:10, so I’m high-fiving my tidy-tidy-tidy spurt of yesterday afternoon.

(Thank you, OCD impulses!  You made me go ahead and light the tealights on the mantel and get the boys’ dirty socks off the floor, AS WELL AS pick a fresh bouquet from the yard for the table.)

The only bit of my planning that was thwarted by her early arrival was the pre-dinner snack I had made for the boys.  The breaded spinach bites had just come out of the oven a couple of minutes before she arrived, so, instead of having a heavy snack before her visit, the boys were starving.  In retrospect, I should have just brought the food to the table with her, but I was afraid of drippy marinara sauce on paperwork, and also that they would clamor for dinner in front of her if I gave them a little teaser at the table, and kind of thought it would slow things down if we had food involved. 

So, one of the boys in particular was distractedly hungry and annoyed.  I deserve, I think, a big gold star for not kicking him under the table and hissing, gah! you’re crumbling all over the place! and smile, dammit! we are a HAPPY FAMILY! as he tore off hunks of dry French bread and munched them, answering her questions with, Yeah, I feel the same way as my brother.  What he said.

I opted instead for Happy, Imperturbable Mama, apologizing lightly for his fatigue and explaining that they’ve had a lot of exercise and such at school of late, and chirping with delighted Snow White birdsong (tra-la-laaa!!) that No honey, no junk food snacks for you right now!  and no, you can’t watch a movie either, cutie-pie!  Why doncha go play with our pleasant, clean dogs in our expansive, fenced backyard?

(and yes, I know that I’m ridiculous on multiple levels here.  The SW knows that tween/teen boys aren’t always chatty, especially right before dinner when they’re hungry, and I don’t have to have a perfect house, either.  Mama just likes to make a good impression.)

Anyway, it all went great.  Rainbow was adorable, of course, though somewhat subdued, since he’d just had his evening cereal/prune slurry and was busy digesting.  T was pleasant and warm.  All our paperwork is in order.

We’ll finalize June 16th.

Crazy, huh, that we just finished our homestudy last July?  It sure seems like it’s taken longer.

Time crawls when you’re waiting for a Rainbow, I guess.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer Jones
    May 15, 2009 @ 22:29:43

    Oh, I just want to kiss those squishy little baby cheeks! I got a good laugh from your description of the answers your son was giving. Let me be the first to give you that big, gold star for being such a good mama!! Love the shot of you all together too!

  2. sweetsalty kate
    May 16, 2009 @ 01:25:33

    Such gorgeous photos… and I laughed at your high-pitched tra-la-la-mama chirping. giggle.

  3. Meghan Cobble
    May 16, 2009 @ 02:30:24

    If you could have just gotten a pointer-thumb clench on “Get it together or else.”

    Just a little clench. A mere compression or clamp in the slightest fashion.

    I have no tweens, but yeah, I have been there in similar moments.

    “Mama, why is that lady so fat and weird looking. She doesn’t even smile when I smile at her.” {right in front of the fat and werid looking lady}


    Rainbow is adorable. So smitten to be yours it seems.

    .mac 🙂

  4. thisbumpyjourney
    May 16, 2009 @ 13:15:57

    Meghan, that’s really funny. Kids can be so… honest and LOUD, can’t they? Then the evolve into tween/teens who sometimes answer in blunt monosyllables. Always an adventure.

    Thanks for the support and giggles, Kate and Jennifer. I guess I’ll just see T, the social worker, one more time? So weird that we’re almost done. The agency has various cookouts and play-days that we’ll try to go to, though, so I’ll see her then.

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