We’ve got three pretty happy, silly boys around here. It’s pretty great.

I don’t know if it’s the greeny-spring freshness, the fact that school is almost out, or if the mood of the whole house is just lighter since the adoption stress is lifting.

(if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.)

Not that things have been so terrible while we were waiting on Rainbow, but I think we all feel some kinks in our backs loosening. Also, the Fishmaster continues to love his school, Rockinrolla is very excited to begin seventh grade at Daddy J’s and my alma mater next year, and Daddy J’s company change, while time consuming, has proven to be a Very Good Thing.

The biggest problem with the big boys of late is trying to get them to eat their meals instead of just cracking each other up the whole time. It hearkens back to the old days when they were, like, 5 and 6, and enraptured with Bionicles and Pokemon and Terrifying Prehistoric Beasts Real and Otherwise and thought each other was the coolest and most fun guy ever. They are into different stuff and different friends now, of course, but it’s so cool that they are getting along so well.

But, yeah, meals are full of vulgar baby poop-and-pee short poems (um, yeah, SOME of which might be Mama Jamz instigated), ponderings about just what is going through Booger the cat’s head, and the potential hilarity of singing Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland? to one of their old lady teachers.

Really, they’re just a hoot right now.

Gray and turtle

 and HANDSOME too, if I may say so mehself.

(yes, that would be a snapping turtle that the Fishmaster is posing with.  Good eye, mate!)

As is this guy:

This one is pretty mellow, but he does a little talking about halfway through. He’s very proud of the soft ooo-ooo-ooo sounds he can make now.

Here I try to get him to laugh with the Descending Tickle method, with limited success. It amuses me that I throw in the towel halfway through and use the Vocal Gunshot method, which he finds hilarious. And no, we didn’t share that little technique with the social worker.


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  1. Debra
    May 20, 2009 @ 16:18:06


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