A Very Good Year

We’ve had a few Bad School Years between Rockinrolla and the Fishmaster, and they are awful, awful, AWFUL when they happen.  When there are issues with other kids in the class, or conflicts with a teacher who just doesn’t like your kid one little bit, it makes the school year a sludgy mess to flounder and force your way through.  We’ve had years where I’ve had to tell one or the other boy just keep on pluggin’ honey, the year will be over soon, you can’t change your teacher but you can change how you yourself feel and act, don’t worry about what those other kids say…  I HATE those years.

This year was pretty great, though.  Rockinrolla had a conflict with one of his teachers that I could go into and tell you stories that would curl your hair, but we’ll just skip it.  It’s over now.  And for whatever reason, this teacher quit singling him out in the last couple of months.  Plus, Rockinrolla has plenty of friends and succeeds academically and athletically, so overall it was a good one.  We’ll get Rockinrolla’s report card next week – he thinks it’s all A’s – and then he starts seventh grade at the private school near us this fall, which I think he is going to love.

We (friend K, Daddy J, Grandma L and Grandpa R, and Grandma MJ) went to the Fishmaster’s commencement ceremony at his small private school today, and it was clear that the Fishmaster has had a totally stellar year.  His report card was AWESOME (a dip in grades in the 3rd quarter, when Daddy J and I were gone while bringing Rainbow home, was WAY vindicated with crazily great scores for the last quarter) and he won a special award for having the inquisitive mind of a True Student.  The headmaster had glowing, heart-swelling things to say about him.  I’m just so proud of him, I could pop.  And SO glad that he’s had a good year in which he’s learned a lot, had good friends, and had good relationships with his teachers.

I’m just feeling super-grateful for their school years that just wrapped up.  ahhh… nice one.  Super-grateful that they have innate skills to succeed in school, that they have home environments where they are able to get work done, and that they had (mostly) really great teachers this year.  And super-grateful that they are such pleasant, fun, interesting boys to be around.

Parents of school-age kids out there, did your kids have good years this time around?  Or are you all just relieved that the year is finally over so you can put it behind you?

‘Cause it’s summertime, baby:


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