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Afternoon Activity

So, I had this GREAT IDEA for a hot summer afternoon activity for the big boys. They were kind of whiny and bored and just wanted to watch videos, and it was close to 100 degrees on the thermometer, so outside play wasn’t that great an idea. I told them that they had to either perform something or instruct about how to do something, and I would film it and put it on youtube.

O the brilliance: They kind of griped and protested, BUT they did in fact put thought into the backgrounds for their shoots, as well as what they were going to say. It took several takes to make Rockinrolla pleased with his performance, and the Fishmaster, as you can see, really got into his time in the spotlight.

ADDED BONUS: after we filmed, the Fishmaster played guitar and Rockinrolla practiced drums for a good hour or so, which makes Mama much happier than having them zone out to reruns of the Simpsons.

FYI, Rockinrolla’s drumming is certainly skilled, but, unless you are way into watching people drum in Rock Band, you may want to fast forward to the last thirty seconds or so for his post-song patter. The Fishmaster’s guitar tuning video is short but sweet.


***edited to add:  The Fishmaster is not happy with his tuning instructions: Rockinrolla pointed out that they wouldn’t, um, be effective.  He asked me to delete the video, which I couldn’t actually bring myself to do, but I told him I would make it private so that only I could see it.  His patter is just so charming that I don’t want to erase it forever.  Anyhoo, that video is no longer available for general viewing.

maturations part II

As of today, Rainbow has outgrown two beloved baby accessories.

Maturation The First:

He spent last night in his crib, in his room, as opposed to his cradle in our bedroom.

It was a tough night for Mama.

He had just gotten a wee bit too large for the crib, and kept poking his hands through the bars and needing untangling. He also turned from tummy to back a couple of days ago, and I became very concerned that he would turn energetically and flip the crib over. (Yes, he sleeps on his back, but that back-to-front turning is soon to come. He’s a big archer and bender.)

So, goodbye cradle. I bought a video monitor since his bedroom is up on the second floor. Daddy J, seeing my freaked-outedness last night, very sweetly offered to buy another crib for our bedroom so that Rainbow could sleep in there until I feel better about him being in his own room.

I think it’s okay, though. I didn’t sleep too much last night – kept watching my live Babyvision TV, complete with exciting Deep Sighs, Occasional Twitches, and Long Stretches of Sleeping Baby – but he pretty much wakes up once at the most at night nowadays, and sometimes sleeps straight through.

At naptime this morning, he was pretty fascinated with his bedroom jungle decor. It’s fairly bright in there, even with the shades down, because they are white fabric and the sun makes the windows glow white. He went down without crying though; just needed one pacifier re-insert.

Maturation the Second:

I’m pretty sure he’s outgrown his bouncy seat. He’s almost able to bounce his bum off the floor, and I don’t think it’s intended for that kind of action.

The Bumbo, fyi, went the way of the dinosaurs a few weeks ago. It was meant for… slimmer babes, I do believe. There was a thigh circumference issue.

treading carefully

I’m sending cards to F and J today. I don’t know how many I’ve sent in total: lots. I think I’m going to slowly stretch out the contact to about one card with pictures to each a month, with another note in between for F. It’s so hard to predict what would make them happiest. Maybe they want next to no contact, with just occasional reassurances, or maybe more. I’m not getting any feedback.

My strategy, therefore, is to err on the side of maybe-too-much contact, maybe-too-many pictures. They can always stow them in a box, or tell their SW to stop forwarding them and just collect them at her office for later, right?

I find myself fantasizing that F will call and want to come see us. That I can help her give Rainbow a bath, that we can stroll him together, that she can rock him in his room, and that we can agree to yearly visits from her and part with a hug. She could stay at one of the B and B’s in town so she could have personal space, and then come over after breakfast. She could be Auntie F, or even just My F, to Rainbow. It could be a special weekend once a year for them and for us.

I want to reassure her in person that we care about her, that we respect her, that we’ll teach Rainbow how giving and sweet and beautiful she is, that we won’t deny her contact with him.

I don’t know if that will ever happen, though, and maybe it would be problematic if it did. It could very well be excrutiating for her and confusing for Rainbow. Not a real concern, though; she made it pretty clear that she didn’t expect to want that kind of contact. I think she anticipated that it would be too painful for her.

I can’t really imagine how she must feel.

I’d post her picture so that you could see how pretty and fresh and sweet she is, but I don’t think that’s appropriate. I want her to keep her privacy. But trust me, she’s so lovely.

(Has my audience changed from you grown-up blog readers to Rainbow, fifteen years from now? Maybe so. Hi there, fifteen year old Rainbow. I love you, sweetheart.)


The big boys are still just so much fun. They are a couple of wokka-wokka comedians at the dinner table; Daddy J and I just shake our heads and remind them to eat the food in front of them. I wonder, with them, when will the awful teenagerness hit? Can we just skip that part? Because they (at ages 12 and 13) are just delightful and silly and intelligent and interesting.

Rainbow is totally adorable, still, in case you were wondering.

I kept myself up last night with some pointless fretting about SIDS and other horrors that might pounce. Gah. My mind has such a macabre slant to it sometimes; it veers me off and makes me see how awful it would be, how I would fall to the floor and vomit, then call 911 and scream.

Stupid mind.

Worried again that I was visualizing a future and making it more likely (stupid, stupid mind) I then spent some time picturing Rainbow as a funny, smart, outgoing toddler; an athletic and polite gradeschooler; a tall, muscular, all-around wonderful honor student in high school; a going-away-to-college magnificent young man.

That’s the dream I like to wrap my mind around.

Moon Pie Videos

Hopefully somebody recorded the entire event, but here are a few scenes from the big day. Daddy J had instructed me to plug in the camcorder so that battery would be charged (which I did) but he didn’t remind me (and I didn’t realize) that you have to flip a switch in order to get it to charge. Anyhoo, all he had was the Flip, which is GREAT, but didn’t have that much room on it and didn’t allow for wide angle shots from his front row seat.

For your viewing entertainment:

(The Fishmaster and Rockinrolla are in the first, third, fourth, and fifth videos, and that would be me in the last one, and that’s Daddy J’s voice you hear singing on several of the songs.)

theatrical weekend

RC/Moonpie day was a huge success.  It was blazing hot, but loads of fun.  The Fishmaster got to ride in the parade and toss Moonpies from the Titans bus with the other young castmembers, and Rockinrolla walked and helped carry a banner.  I watched the parade from a friend’s house, and then Grandma MJ and John C. took Rainbow home to get him out of the heat.

 Titans bus

First (well, after the early morning race and ongoing craft booths) were the CLOGGERS:


Then Daddy J got home from his days away in New York and surprised me backstage.

Sarah P and Daddy J
And then it was showtime.

opening number

reach in opening number

F and F's 

Look!! Even Daddy J’s dad was in the play!

Gold's gym


My big entrance. Can you guess who I am…? (No, those are NOT my actual bangs.)

Sarah with arms up

And me performing a dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” like a brazen woman. SO outside my box, and SO fun to do.

Single Ladies

Rainbow’s godmother (and the writer, choreographer, director, and star of the play) looking glorious as usual:

Carla looking glorious


A cameo by our state’s poet laureate as Susan Boyle. heh.

Susan Boyle

final bow
It was SO MUCH FUN.  In 2007 I had a cameo as Vanna White, but I didn’t have to do lines or learn a dance, so this time around was a much bigger deal.  The boys say they for sure want to do it again next year, and I for sure want to join in, too.

Kooky fun in the Buckle. Love it, love it, love it.

FYI, these pics were taken by our good friend and neighbor, TJ. See the entire set here if you are so inclined.

You tube videos are in the works…


Shot by Daddy J with his iphone, early this morning:



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