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I love this quiet morning time. It only lasts for maybe half an hour, forty-five minutes if I’m VERY lucky, but it’s so pleasant when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. Were I more of an ant, I’d be in the shower and aggressively doing chores after grooming myself for the day, but my grasshopper self is contentendly drinking hazelnut Celestial Seasonings coffee (yum) and having a lil’ internet time.

First, a bathtime haiku: (already shared on facebook, so disregard if you’ve already read it)

Rainbow’s neck crease and
Beneath the sofa cushions:
Lots in common there.


He is just such a dadgummed sweetie-pie. I was musing on it this morning, how it’s really not even a bummer to wake up and feed him the 1-2 times per night he normally requires, because he just smiles and cuddles and goes right back to sleep almost every time. It’s just a pleasant little nighttime interlude.

And even when he’s unhappy about something during the day, it’s never full-on wailing of horrendous displeasure, but just kind of escalated vocalizing of disapproval. Wah, wah, work it out Mama, make me happy, as opposed to Gah!! The sky is falling! I am in agony! Wahhgrumpshriekaaaahhh!!! His brand of fussing is not really a bummer to deal with; it’s sometimes even funny the way he just grumps a little when he’s tired. He reminds me of the teacher from Charlie Brown, who you can tell is talking about something that will get you in trouble, but can’t recognize the words.

Anyway, it’s really fun to take care of a happy baby who loves to eat. Nom, nom, nom. Three meals a day, at least.


After Rainbow’s 4am bottle, I got back in bed and was pounced on by the Fear Monster again. ugggghhhhh… Just awful: imagining him toddling into the road in front of a car or being snatched from a restaurant by normal-looking psychopaths. I couldn’t get my stupid mind to shut up, so I listened to a couple of meditations, which eventually knocked me out. I guess that will just happen now and again, huh.


In other news: You should totally come to this event if you are in the area. Daddy J sings many of the songs and voices a main character (the soundtrack and lines are pre-recorded) and the Fishmaster and Rockinrolla have major roles.

And *I* am branching out like a fearless woman with a small role that requires dancing a pretty complicated (for me) and fast dance with five other teenagers/women who are actually good at dancing. I think I’ve finally learned the dance (which is short, but tricky for someone with few dance skills) so at least I should be kicking and turning at the right time.

I love participating in these plays. I’m usually a backstage helper-person and child wrangler, although in 2007 I had a cameo as Vanna White. (Last year we were in Mexico and missed it.) It’s an awesome activity for the boys, too. Anyhoo, we’ve had plenty of practices lately and the need to perfect it all is becoming more pressing. Today I have some costume work to do for some kids and need to get my own costume together before practice this afternoon.


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