Afternoon Activity

So, I had this GREAT IDEA for a hot summer afternoon activity for the big boys. They were kind of whiny and bored and just wanted to watch videos, and it was close to 100 degrees on the thermometer, so outside play wasn’t that great an idea. I told them that they had to either perform something or instruct about how to do something, and I would film it and put it on youtube.

O the brilliance: They kind of griped and protested, BUT they did in fact put thought into the backgrounds for their shoots, as well as what they were going to say. It took several takes to make Rockinrolla pleased with his performance, and the Fishmaster, as you can see, really got into his time in the spotlight.

ADDED BONUS: after we filmed, the Fishmaster played guitar and Rockinrolla practiced drums for a good hour or so, which makes Mama much happier than having them zone out to reruns of the Simpsons.

FYI, Rockinrolla’s drumming is certainly skilled, but, unless you are way into watching people drum in Rock Band, you may want to fast forward to the last thirty seconds or so for his post-song patter. The Fishmaster’s guitar tuning video is short but sweet.


***edited to add:  The Fishmaster is not happy with his tuning instructions: Rockinrolla pointed out that they wouldn’t, um, be effective.  He asked me to delete the video, which I couldn’t actually bring myself to do, but I told him I would make it private so that only I could see it.  His patter is just so charming that I don’t want to erase it forever.  Anyhoo, that video is no longer available for general viewing.

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