dang, but these weeks are flying by

It just seems like a little blur between weekends, you know?  I’m not complaining or anything, but it does make me feel like some vaguely confused old lady with glazed eyes who can’t remember what season it is.

My mother and I took the boys to this comedy riverboat lunch cruise, which was really entertaining.  The guy was all animated and wacky, and the boys loved it.  They begged for (and got) souvenir cd’s after the show.  The food and service were a little meh, though, and I think if we do it again we’ll opt for the cheaper buffet tickets.  Instead of hanging out in the ballroom on the main floor, you eat buffet style and sit at tables around the covered edge of the boat, so you get to watch the riverside go by.  And then watch the show from the balcony; not as great a vantage point, I guess, but still fun.


My fourth of July was nice, even though Rainbow and I didn’t make it down to the big event at the park.  Daddy J was there most of the day since he’s on the park board, along with the big boys, but it just proved to be too hot for the babe and me.  Uncle Tom’s Band played at night (Tom was in Daddy’s J’s band before the baby hiatus) and I hated to miss that, along with the fireworks, but Rainbow turned in at 7:00.  It was still a nice day, though; we went to Robert and Nicole’s for a midday visit and I watched some quality TV after Rainbow went to sleep.  The Fishmaster and Rockinrolla joined me in bed to watch “Click” after they came back from the park.  I treasure the times they’ll get in bed with me to watch a movie, because each time I fear it will be the last.


We had a cookout on Sunday with a pack of cousins in from Knoxville, which was completely great.  Cousin E, who is about 9 months younger than Rockinrolla, has stayed in town for the week, splitting his time between our house and R and N’s house.  The boys are thrilled to hang out with him.  The favorite game is bicycle Cops and Robbers.  I’m a bit on edge waiting for a horrifically scraped up knee or a chipped tooth, but whaddayagonna do:  Boys.


I get my hair cut tomorrow, and I’m feeling like a Big Change.  I’m leaning toward Lisa Rinna’s look, maybe even a little shorter than this

(minus the lips.)

I can just hear Daddy J: When will she learn?  BANGS??!!

Which, yeah, it might be a hideous mistake.  But, whatever, it’s just hair.  It’ll grow back, and change is fun.


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  1. Meghan Cobble
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 00:39:48

    Rock on, Mama Jamz. Change IS fun. And you’ve got super great fab hair that is so healthy and shiny. It will look awesome. That’s my bet.

    .mac 🙂

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