dream journaling

I haven’t had a dream of Ward in a very long time, it seems, but this was definitely a special one.

Dream interpreters, put your hats on and tell me what you think:

I was swimming in a very beautiful outdoor place. It may have been a very slow river, or else a long lake.  The water was crystal clear, warm, and buoyant, so I just effortlessly swam through it.  It felt wonderful: I was aware during the dream that this is a special, rare, not-quite-earthly place.

Plants grew on the banks and sunlight sparkled on the water.  Daddy J was there with me, swimming up ahead, but we didn’t interact.  Where we entered the water, there were no other people, but as I swam down to the right I encountered more and more people.  Everyone was swimming for the joy of it, not for exercise. 

There was a row of people doing a kind of synchronized swimming, swimming underwater toward the bank like Rockettes kicking one by one, and I swam on top as they dove under me.  One of them griped good-naturedly about “sharks” (people like me, just swimming past) going through their paths, but he wasn’t really angry.

There was a dead bird in the water, a big white swan or goose.  It was floating, not boody or gory or anything, and no one was disturbed.  A mother went by it with her baby and let him look at it.  I remember thinking that it was just a dead bird, and it was natural for it to be in the water, and it wasn’t hurting anything.

I came up to a more crowded shore.  Not unpleasantly crowded, but full of people wading in and smiling.  I asked someone why everyone was crowded in here, when it was more beautiful and not crowded at all back where I had come from, and he said that the mothers liked to give their children fresh spring water from the pipe (he pointed to it) with cherries for a refreshment after they swam.

***edited to add: So, yeah, in hindsight this one was pretty transparent.  But a very, very nice and comforting dream nonetheless.  I love dreams where you actually feel stuff; in this case it was the water on my skin, and the light sparkling on the water was really beautiful.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 01:09:31

    I also love dreams where the senses can be involved in every way. I can smell, touch and taste every aspect of dream reality and it is glorious! Unfortunately I am in the middle of y own repeating dream crisis and can’t help you unravel yours. It just seems like a lovely bit of peace sent for you to enjoy. I hope it washes over the sore places and illuminates the beauty in your life!

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 13:04:21

    Thanks, Dana. Those intense-sensory dreams seem so important, too, don’t they? Like you (or part of you) is really there, experiencing it. That’s how it strikes me, anyway.

    Repeating dreams are interesting, but it sounds like yours is kind of a bummer. For a while, while we were close to Rainbow’s birth and I was very anxious about what the future held, I kept having nightmares where I’d be driving (with the kids in the backseat) and the road would suddenly twist out of control and get really narrow, with dangerous cliffs on each side. Those were obvious enough, too, I guess. :o) But thankfully, they’ve stopped.

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