Mama Goat

Behind the Great Big Wooden Playground at the recreation center in our county seat, there is a little wooden bridge that leads to the walking trail.  In between the bridge and the walking trail, there are countless limestone boulders sunken into the ground.  Some are enormous, some are just your basic rocks, and many have super-cool waterworn curves and hollows.

Since Rockinrolla and the Fishmaster were little, the bridge has been our Billy Goat Bridge, inspiring games of Billy Goats Gruff, and the boulders have hosted The Goat Game.

To Play: The leader hops from rock to rock, and those behind him/her must leap from and land on the same spots on the rocks.  To land on the ground is a dire mistake, but there are no points or eliminations in this game.  Just a Whoops!  Mama fell! and then a resumption of the game.  Players take turns being the leader.

I tried to find pictures of the last time we played it with Ward, in the summer of 2005.  Boy cousins E and J were there, too, and it was a lot of fun.  The pics, unfortunately, are in my eleven-thousand-plus photo album on my phone (sigh) and will turn up one of these days, I guess.  Ward loved being one of the big guys and playing a big guy game on that day.


On Tuesday, after Rockinrolla’s 8-12 basketball camp, we went to the playground.  Rockinrolla was pooped, so he sat and kept Rainbow company while the Fishmaster and I played the Goat Game.  It was great; the Fishmaster got all into it and led me all over the place, once my turn as leader was through.  I yanked a shoulder and tweaked an ankle during our play, but nothing that bothered me after a few minutes.

It was delightful on so many levels, but mostly because I think Ward was happy to see us having fun together in a place he liked.

The Day is galloping toward us, but we’ll be okay.

(Don’t worry!  Everything’s okay!  And I LOOOOOVE you!)


In other news, we received Rainbow’s birth certificate through the mail a couple of days ago.  I had seen a bumper sticker (some huffy anti-Obama thing, evidently) that said, Where is the birth certificate? the previous day, and thought, Huh – where IS that boy’s birth certificate?  We should have it by now, shouldn’t we?    Ha. 

Anyway, it’s here.  Daddy J and I picked it up on a walk (he was working from home that day) and I dropped him off so that Rainbow and I could walk further. 

I looked down while walking and found a nice, plump lucky clover to tuck into the birth certificate envelope.


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  1. ncmarg
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 21:33:05

    Said a prayer for y’all on The Day. Hope you’re doing ok.

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