I mean, WHASSUP??!


Whee, self portraits with small cameras. 

(Also, Yes indeed, I love my dishes.  Speaking of, it’s time for some new everyday stoneware.  I’m down to, like, three bowls and two salad plates.  There was some CUTE stuff at Target the other day.)


The Fishmaster does not wish to participate in such foolishness, but displays his poor thumb, wounded during fish filleting.  Poor Fishmaster.


Poor, snarly Fishmaster.

(And yes, that’s a Professor Happycat shirt on Rockinrolla.  We’re big lolcat fans over here.)


Why, halloo Mama!  I will now quit with the smiling, seeing as you are taking pictures of me.


Please note that I can pretty much sit by myself now, and also I can splash.  Splash, splash, splash.

(And, yes, Daddy J is just off camera.  I am not both the bather and the camera person here.  Duh.)


Please note my six pack.  Are you not impressed?


Let’s take a closer look.  Those abs take some work to achieve and should be appreciated.

(Also, what’s with the orange nose?  Too much vitamin A??  We really haven’t been giving him that much.  I’ll ask the doctor about it at his 6 month checkup next week.)


Yes, that would be our SIX MONTH OLD young man playing with his bath toys, complete with self-scratch on cheek and boy boobies.

Six very lovely months.

doggie tricks

I’m feeling very sad about Dana. You’d think, considering her various neuroses and the fact that we even tried to find her a home fairly recently, after she refused to submit to the German shepherd, that this wouldn’t be so hard.

But, oh, poor little girl. Where is she?

A. She was injured by a car and crawled off somewhere to die. Or met with disaster out in the wild.

B. She wandered to someone’s house and they thought she was a stray. Maybe she had become dirty and starving by then. They have taken her in and they are normal, nice people who have not seen the notices in the paper and didn’t know to check with the shelters or vets near us.

C. Someone saw her on the evening of August 14 in our tiny downtown, and she was all groomed and fluffy and well-fed, and they didn’t bother to ask any of the storekeepers if they knew this dog, and they bundled her into their car. They know she probably has a family, and they don’t care. They may have even seen the classified ad or the flyers, and they are avoiding the vets. (Do they somehow think they can profit off of her? She is a purebred, but she’s pretty old and she’s been spayed. No one would buy her, right?)

D. Someone kind of off-balance has her, someone who doesn’t understand that in a small town, sometimes the dogs wander to the square and it doesn’t mean they are strays. Someone who might also have fifty cats and twenty other dogs that are similarly “rescued.”

E. Someone really evil has her, who does awful things to animals, like collect harmless dogs to be the wimpy opponent for dogfights or some other kind of cruel activity.


I found myself wondering today if she is with a person who intends to keep her and care for her, is she doing her tricks for that person? Does she go through her routine of sit/shake/down for them? Will she ever even do her “Where’s Your Tummy?” trick again? And don’t they think that someone must have loved her to teach her tricks? Does she sneeze with delight when she sees them in the morning, and does she follow them from room to room and sit under their chair?

Even with her faults, I miss her so much. I wish I at least knew she was okay.

***edited to add: And of course there’s F. She was picked up and placed at a shelter. Where hopefully they are hanging onto her b/c she is a purebred and someone will want to adopt her or claim her. (um… What if she’s already been adopted?)

I’m all kerfuffle this morning because I listened to a voicemail at 10:30 last night saying there is an older corgi at a shelter pretty far away from us. But still – an older corgi at a shelter?? The woman wanted me to call her and give me her email so I could send her a pic. Daddy J says I should wait til 9:00 to call, but I had been thinking 8:00. I think I’m going to split the difference and call at 8:30.

Fingers crossed.

***edited AGAIN to add: I returned the phone call at 8:30 and got the family’s answering machine. I guess they’re all at work and school. So, presumably she will call me when she gets home and let me know what the dog she saw looked like.

The shelter that she said this corgi was in is an hour and a half away, so I guess it’s kind of unlikely that she made it that far, but still – it’s within the realm of possibility that Dana was taken to that area and ran off from someone’s yard, or they decided she wasn’t worth the trouble and took her to the shelter or just dumped her somewhere. I have emailed this shelter and attached a photo, and left them a voicemail, but they are closed on Thursdays (AAAAARGH!!) so I just don’t know anything right now.

***edited FINALLY to add: It wasn’t Dana. It was a very sweet looking, quite obese dog with mottled blond and white hair. I was really devasted last night. I had been so hopeful that I’d be driving to pick her up today. I’m going to print up some more flyers to put about in the neighboring small towns today. Apparently, it’s a good thing I got her on a corgi rescue site; members and corgi lovers keep their eyes out for corgis out and about and in shelters. So that makes me feel a little better about her odds of languishing in a shelter.



Today is Rockinrolla’s first day at his new school, which is also Daddy J’s and my alma mater. A somewhat prestigious private school, which we plan for him to attend for the next six years.

And man, we were ready. Uniforms, textbooks, new large backback, folders, USB thing for the computer, summer reading, desk cleaned off. CHECK!

Except, apparently, amidst the eleventy-three emails we’ve gotten from the school this summer, I failed to make one crucial click.

They sent us the summer reading list back in June, so I dutifully ordered his two books and had him (enthusiastically!) read them. There was this comment given with the lists, “Students also need to complete a review sheet for each book,” and links for the review sheets, but dumb-ass Mama thought that that was just so you could look and see what the questions were going to be when they were posed in the fall during one of the first days of English class, and I promptly pushed it out of my mind. There was a follow-up email that gave a link you could read if you had any questions about summer reading – but hey, I didn’t! – so that didn’t help much. Also emails from English teacher with classroom requirements, yet no mention of any forms, and general chatty emails, but nowhere in the body of any email did it say:


Which obviously, as a dumb-ass Mama, I needed spelled out for me, because Rockinrolla is in detention right now. On his very first day of school. And I feel like beating my dumb-ass Mama head on the floor.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

In outline form

this post is, my friends, because time is slipping through my fingers at an astounding rate of late.

I. The Fifteenth Anniversary Weekend
a. utterly fabulous
b. sneaky husband, not driving me to the city but FLYING me to New Orleans for one decadent night
c. yes, somewhat panicked about being in a different state than Rainbow, but got over it
d. O HEAVEN, the food
e. also, lovely new charm for my charm bracelet from Royal street
f. and roses and champagne in the hotel room
g. and rooftop pool
h. pictures at some point in the not-too-distant future

II. The Baby
a. so frickin’ cute
b. raspberry blowing, strings of drool, soaked front of shirt
c. shaking head “NO” with vehemence – don’t really think he knows what that means, yet totally adorable

III. Dental Concerns
a. boy cleanings yesterday, cavity on the Fishmaster
b. got it filled this morning, as well as molars sealed
c. sick to death of driving around with a babe in the car

IV. School
a. about to start
b. will miss them way more than I will relish the calm
c. also, the driving back and forth to the Fishmaster’s school – bleccchh…
d. however, BOTH are going to awesome schools this year, so HALLELUJAH
e. mostly ready, except for actual school products like paper and pencils and such

V. The Corgi
a. missing
b. since Friday night, when we were in NOLA
c. the Fishmaster and I are both very sad
d. the Fishmaster made color copy flyers and stapled them about town
e. hoping she is on the lap of a pleasant retiree/Corgi lover, eating Vienna sausages and watching All My Children, and not huddled and terrified in a barn somewhere
f. or injured and hurting
g. 😦

sweet little early morning daydream

Not sure if this counts as dream journaling – not sure what this qualifies as: a daydream that got legs and ran with it, in a really vivid way? This would be at about 3am this morning, after Rainbow finally settled down after his bottle, when I was drifting off but not technically asleep, so that afterward I opened my eyes and thought, Wow, that was really nice.

I was seventy years old, with gray hair pulled back in a bun, nicely dressed (in a soft plum sweater and tweed skirt) and still healthy and strong for an old lady. I walked into a Waffle House-type establishment and saw a young couple near the counter with a baby who was maybe 18 months old. The baby looked a lot like baby Ward. He threw himself toward me with his hands stretched out and I took him and held him. His parents were baffled, looking at each other warily, while he hugged me, kissed me, patted me on the back, and rubbed his cheeks against mine. The mother said, I’ve never seen him act this way toward anyone before. This is really unusual.

It’s okay, I told her, weeping a little and trying to hold it together, I love children. He’s such a beautiful boy. He’s an angel. You and your husband are very lucky. And just hugging and loving him in my arms. I wanted to tell them that I had been his mother before and that I loved him SO much, but I didn’t want to scare them into thinking that I wanted to steal him away.

The parents just stood there watching as the baby and I hugged each other. We named him Ward, the mother said. It’s kind of uncommon, but we really liked it. I just nodded. Ward was really actively hugging me this entire time, leaning back to look at me, then pulling me in for a squeeze.

Maybe, I asked carefully, I could give you my email address and, if you ever send out pictures to people with email, you could send me some pictures of him every now and then? It would make me so happy. The mother said, Sure, and copied down my address.

And maybe, if you ever wanted, I could babysit for him. I would love that. It would be such a pleasure. I could see the parents looking at each other and thinking how odd this all was, but also seeing how much their baby was taken with me, and maybe they should give it consideration. I felt this big surge of hope that I might get to see him and play with him some in the future.

I described this to Daddy J this morning, who pointed out what is probably obvious: that this might be what F is feeling about Rainbow (or at least what I imagine she is feeling about him.) Loving him so very, very much, being his Mama in the past and therefore forever his Mama, while recognizing that other people are his parents now and that that is okay, longing for some pictures and possibly ongoing contact with him.

I hope that’s how she feels, anyway, because it was really, really sweet and not bitter at all.

nom nom nom

Daddy J demostrates his efficacy at making Rainbow laugh, but is upstaged when Rainbow notices the Flip:

Hmmm. Let’s see just how tasty that Flip camcorder is, shall we??


We’ve entered a new baby stage with Rainbow: The Baby Tyrant.

He is, of course, adorable, and he is a gentle, fun-loving tyrant. As long as he gets his way. We’ve only just dipped our toes in this stage, to be honest, but the groundwork is being well-laid…

Direct from his Royal Majesty:

Decree Number One ~ I get to take a bath whenever I want to, perhaps twice a day (or more!) and I will graciously make you aware of this by lungeing toward the baby bathtub in the kitchen OR by staring longingly at the kitchen sink.

Decree Number Two ~ I get to be placed in the outdoor baby swing and gently swung under the trees whenever I want to be. I will make you aware of this desire by fussing when you carry me past the door to the deck instead of walking through it with me.

*** addendum to decree number two ~ OCCASIONALLY and AT MY DISCRETION I will allow you to put my exersaucer device out on the deck, so that I can hang out and look at the trees, instead of swinging me.

Failure to abide by these decrees will result in a mind-bogglingly sweet lower-lip-thrust and deep-voiced grumping, frequently followed by actual crying.

(All foolishness aside, I am SUCH a proud mama. Our little man is doing a great job expressing his sweet little baby desires, and we are happy to comply whenever we possibly can. We are loyal subjects of little King Rainbow.)

moving on

(Although I’m still kind of smarting from the whole etiquette poll thing. I mean, honestly, I REALLY THOUGHT most people just didn’t care if you sent them thank you notes or not. *I* certainly don’t. Like, it’s a nice, gracious touch, but I thought nobody (well, hardly anybody) was tsking at their calendar and wondering where their note was for a gift given two months ago. But point taken, point taken – most of you, evidently, DO. My naivete is SHATTERED. But: Knowledge is a GOOD thing, MJ. Also – finish up the baby gift thank you’s for Pete’s sake already. Sheesh.)


Brought on by some mildly stated (but clearly evident) irritation from the lady who cleans our house, I’m having the big boys clean out their closets today.

Wheeee!!! Gee thanks, Mama! We LOOOOOVE to clean out our stuff! And we promise to be ALL CHIPPER about it!!1! :))

Sigh. They’re actually being okay this morning, although they took the news poorly last night, prompting me to threaten them with iPod confiscation if I got any more negative attitude about this project. I don’t think their closets have had a good cleaning out, other than too-small clothes removal, since we moved into this house almost 5 years ago, and they are brimming with clutter, unused toys, and of course too-small clothes and shoes.

Free boy stuff giveaway on my porch later today, pre-Salvation Army run. Stay posted!


I was all set to write a braggy post about Rainbow’s good sleep patterns several days ago, and then it all hit the fan (hallo, teething!) and I’ve been too sleep deprived to think straight. He woke up at 5am four days in a row, after a bottle at 2:00 or so, which is NO FUN I TELL YOU. Last night was somewhat improved, though – I gave him a late afternoon nap (he woke up at 5:00) and didn’t let him go down til 7:30, so he woke up at 6am, which is Just Fine.

Which leades us to:

Question of the Day #1: When the doctor/baby books say that baby should/could be sleeping through the night at this point, do they actually mean for a whole eleven hour stretch? That just seems kind of crazy. Like, I don’t like to go that long without food or using the bathroom, so how can babies make it without a bottle/feeding and diaper change, which then requires settling down? Right now, Rainbow generally needs a diaper change between 10:00 and midnight, and then a bottle around 2:00. That’s okay, right?

And out of left field, let’s have

Question of the Day #2: This website wants to use this video of Rainbow on it. Should I say yes, to help out a small businessperson? No, that’s my bebeh and I don’t want his image used to make anyone else money? Yes, if you give me some free stuff?

Rainbow and Daddy J

sharing some chuckles in the kitchen.

Rainbow laughing at his puppy.

Well, his rather large two-year old German shepherd puppy.

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