floral hugs

When it happened, our porch filled with beautiful bouquets of backyard flowers and wildflowers, arranged in jelly jars and vases, tied with ribbons and raffia, with storebought cards and homemade cards and artwork from kids.  It was magical, even during that awful first late-July, to be surrounded by all that beauty and color.

And they’ve done it every year since, these neighbors and friends of ours.  They come quietly during the night of the 27th.  If I hear them, I pretend not to.  I wait like a good girl before Christmas morning and don’t peek, because I want to see them all at once, that final display as the curtains part with a dramatic whoosh!

I’ve already planted the Rose of Sharon and the petite white rosebush – they went near the blush pink sweetheart rosebush from last year, which has actually thrived under my brownish-gray thumb.  And I’ve repotted the tropical plant that Ward’s godparents gave us.  One friend gives us lovely garden-y decor items; this year it was a glass dragonfly garden stake. The luxuriant arrangements came into the house and graced the dining room, the kitchen, the kitchen table, my bathroom counter.  Those blooms have pretty much faded now, but I keep all the vases and and jars and love to pull them out for use during the year.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.







5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erika
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 17:05:41

    lovely….rainbow looks like he want to eat the flowers….

  2. skye
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 17:19:45

    How beautiful… I love the picture of you and Rainbow! So sweet!

  3. Debra
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 18:13:54

    The humanity of your neighbors warms my heart and gives me hope.

  4. CA Mama
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 22:20:39

    What an amazing tribute, and gift to Rainbow, too. A legacy of his brother’s love filled with beauty and grace.

  5. Mama Jamz
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 02:19:00

    LOL Erika – totally. He would like to grab and yank on them, at any rate. We go out onto the porch in the mornings and I let him investigate the morning glories, fuschia trumpety-flowered hanging baskets, and marigolds (the three flowers that will agree to bloom in my yard) and he finds flowers FASCINATING.

    And thanks, Skye, Debra, and CA Mama. It’s really a special thing they do. We are in an awesome community.

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