We’ve entered a new baby stage with Rainbow: The Baby Tyrant.

He is, of course, adorable, and he is a gentle, fun-loving tyrant. As long as he gets his way. We’ve only just dipped our toes in this stage, to be honest, but the groundwork is being well-laid…

Direct from his Royal Majesty:

Decree Number One ~ I get to take a bath whenever I want to, perhaps twice a day (or more!) and I will graciously make you aware of this by lungeing toward the baby bathtub in the kitchen OR by staring longingly at the kitchen sink.

Decree Number Two ~ I get to be placed in the outdoor baby swing and gently swung under the trees whenever I want to be. I will make you aware of this desire by fussing when you carry me past the door to the deck instead of walking through it with me.

*** addendum to decree number two ~ OCCASIONALLY and AT MY DISCRETION I will allow you to put my exersaucer device out on the deck, so that I can hang out and look at the trees, instead of swinging me.

Failure to abide by these decrees will result in a mind-bogglingly sweet lower-lip-thrust and deep-voiced grumping, frequently followed by actual crying.

(All foolishness aside, I am SUCH a proud mama. Our little man is doing a great job expressing his sweet little baby desires, and we are happy to comply whenever we possibly can. We are loyal subjects of little King Rainbow.)


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  1. Jennifer
    Aug 11, 2009 @ 04:28:59

    This made me smile! It reminds me of my little one as well. They can be quite demanding and yet we love to comply. I know you don’t tire of hearing how cute he is…so, so cute!

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