6 month checkup

Well, we knew this, so it’s no surprise:

Rainbow is a very big boy.

He weighs 24.5 pounds and is 29 inches long, which puts him in the “greater than 97th” percentile range for both.  His head circumference is in the 91st percentile, at 45.5 cm.

(Off topic: Why is the length in inches and the circumference in centimeters??  This confuses me.  I keep thinking the circumference is also in inches, but his noggin can’t be almost four feet around.  Why not both in the same unit of measurement?)

He’s doing all his tricks appropriately and is totally smart and healthy.  He had two shots yesterday, too, which are a bummer, but I feel that just following the normal vaccination schedule is the best choice for us.  Perhaps if there were any issues (health or developmental) I would question that, but he’s a vigorous guy and I believe he can handle them, and I want to protect him from bad diseases when it makes sense. 

We discussed the swine flu and I think we will all get vaccinated in October.  The take-away message I got was that, while the swine flu is actually a milder flu than the regular flu can be, we have no natural resistance to it since it’s a brand new strain, and it could turn nasty.  Immunization might help against a nastier strain, but allowing the kids to purposely contract this fairly mild version to try to build their immunity is not a smart idea.

I also brought up the whole lateness policy/evil receptionist thing to the doctor, and I feel better.  I still don’t like her one bit (she was really unpleasant again yesterday) but the doctor listened to my concerns.  I told him that, while I didn’t complain about having to wait half an hour in the waiting room and then another 20-30 minutes to see him, it didn’t seem fair to be scolded to and condescended to (and threatened with having to turn around and go home) when I was 16 or 17 minutes late because I got lost en route.  I told him that I’d suggest making sure that patients know that the office feels their time is valuable too, and that if we can’t call ahead to check on whether the office was running late, perhaps we could at least be given apologies when we are made to wait.

The evil receptionist sounds like she’s had complaints against her before.  He said that he was pretty sure he knew who I was talking about (we verified her appearance) and that it’s hard to get pleasant help at the front desk.  He said he’d speak to his office manager about having the front desk be friendlier to patients.

Anyway, I guess I’ll stay the course with this doctor for now.  It’s a bit of a drive, but he has a great rapport with the kids, and I like that he’s fairly young and seems really bright and has kids of his own.  He also really seems to listen, which is a good thing.


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