Things are good, really, I’m just feeling a little pooped. And it’s not Rainbow’s fault: the last couple of nights he has slept a full twelve hours. Cuh-razy.

(The basset hound, on the other hand, has been waking us up at three-ish due to boredom or a shrunken bladder or both.)

Deck construction is nearing completion, and I am THRILLED about that. I’ve promised the big boys a bonfire/sleepover party when it’s done. And we’ve bought some patio furniture; Daddy J could tell you all kinds of colorful opinions about assembly instructions for swivel rockers made in China.

(Hint: Disregard the “Front” stickers and arrows on the seat parts.)

Dana is still missing, and I am still so sad. I just wish I knew she was okay, and not collected for some awful animal testing purposes, or stacked in a crate with seventy other dogs in a batty lady’s garage. I saw downtown today that there were three other signs up for smallish missing pet dogs in our wee little town of 450. What’s up with that?? Is some horrible person collecting our pets for some dark and sinister reason?? If I only knew that she was fine, sitting on a couch with a retired lady who looooooves Corgis and has alwaaaaaaysss wanted one, and who can’t believe her good fortune to have her own little Corgi princess to spoil and fatten.


The big boys are rocking out at their respective schools. Rockinrolla is taking his first year of private school VERY seriously and has been doing GREAT. We are incredibly proud of him, because it’s a big transition. He has begun basketball practice and is happy about that. The Fishmaster is loving his school again, his glorious school that I love with every fiber of my being. O, HOW I LOVE THE FISHMASTER’S SCHOOL. He has been running cross country and is one of the fastest boys in the school.

I’ve also ordered the ornaments to give away on Ward’s birthday, which is a big relief. They are beautiful and delicate this year; quite breakable, really, but so, so pretty. That’s one of my favorite things: giving ornaments in his honor on his birthday, October 28, and hoping that people will hang them and think of Ward’s sweetness and smile. It’s always a big search to find some that I like that won’t break the bank (I ordered 120 this year) and I think this year’s selection will be just lovely.

Daddy J and I went to hear Heart perform in the big city on Tuesday night. We went out to dinner with friends beforehand (yum) and then stayed over at a very luxurious hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive back.

So, really, all is wonderful except for my fretting about Pooky.

And being in the grow-out stage of my icky haircut.



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  1. Melissa
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 02:51:05

    J, I love the idea of giving out ornaments to honor Ward. Where do you get yours? That sounds like a tradition I might like to start. We already collect ornaments from the Melissa George Foundation in Carsyn’s memory, but this sounds even better. I would love it if you could send me some links to where you have gotten your ornaments. Thanks!

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 00:44:31

    Melissa, I will share here in case anyone else is interested.

    We’ve gotten three years of ornaments from Oriental Trading Company. The first were battenburg lace angels, which were pretty, but kind of poorly put together (gluey and misshapen) if you looked up close. Gorgeous on a tree, though; I have a small tree that I put these on with silver snowflakes at Christmastime, and they look beautiful.

    (dang! can’t imbed links! must just put the whole long link here – sorry…)

    And then we did some stained glass angels from OTC that are no longer there, and some autumn leaf suncatchers that were really beautiful (I also bought suction cups for these from Hobby Lobby) but which are no longer available, but here is a picture of them:

    And the other year I scored some lovely silk butterflies from China, I think, from National Geographic Shop, from the clearance bin.

    Anyway, yes, it’s a wonderful thing to do that make me feel really good, and i think that people who care about us also like to remember Ward in this way. You might really enjoy the process as a way to honor and celebrate Carsyn.

    This year’s are from, and they are so lovely. It’s a nice thing to look forward to.

  3. Melissa
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 18:00:58

    Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to start looking into an ornament for Carsyn.

    We do have special ornaments we received through the Melissa George foundation each year. You can read about it here:
    And Amy George has a blog where she talks often about losing Melissa. You might enjoy reading it.


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