I was utterly depleted today. Like, sick-feeling sleepy and bummed out. Maybe just the cumulative effect of many 6-hours’ sleep nights, when really, I just need more rest to feel good. I had hoped for a nap when Rainbow took his morning nap, but by the time I’d fed the dogs and put them outside, I only got about 20 minutes of zone-out solo time.

I tried to rouse myself with some black pepper triscuits and bleu cheese (two great tastes that taste not-so-great together) and moved on to a cup of coffee with 5 or 6 oreos. NOT the best lil’ lunch. Feeling kind of grossed out and pitiful, I inwardly groused that I really ought to join a health club so that instead of bingeing on cookies and coffee to perk up, I could exercise and get breaks from baby care for just small chunks of time, and also that it would be awfully nice to have some mama friends with babies near Rainbow’s age like I had with the other boys. Also, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DANA??

I took Rainbow for a walk, hoping the fresh air would help matters. Mulling over the health club thing (hmm, the YMCA that I used to go to and loved which is a good half-hour away, or the 15-minute-away club that so many people in town seem to go to…?) I pulled the stroller over downtown and sat on a bench while giving Rainbow some bottle. The shopkeeper who had last seen Dana came bustling out of her store. She asked if I’d heard anything about Dana, and then shared a little more info than previously:

She had been bitten – and I know bites, I rescue dogs and have been bitten myself – and she would yelp pitifully when you ran a hand down her back. I think it must have been your German shepherd, or else she might have hurt herself getting out of your fence.

***Note: Dana is a HUUUUGE hypochodriac and drama queen, just like her mother, who used to hang out in our vet’s waiting room. She cries out when the needle at the vet comes CLOSE to her, before it even touches her skin, and when she is freaked out she yelps when anyone but me touches her. So, yes, she COULD have been bitten by an irritated Wolfric after she snapped at him, or the car-chasing fool COULD have gotten clipped by a wheel on the way downtown, or she COULD have just been being freaky and scared and crying when she was touched. I didn’t share this with the lady, because it’s hard to explain just how nutty Dana is, but I’ll share with you: THE CORGI IS A NUT. TRUST me. And I totally accept that she was yelping and acting pitiful. Yup, that’s my Dana.

She was getting lots of attention downtown from a couple of different families; she was being really sweet and friendly, and people were concerned about her. The last time I saw her, this one family was all gathered around her and loving on her. I think they must have taken her.

So, okay then. That’s sounding better, isn’t it? I expressed my fears that a crazy or evil person had taken her, and the shopkeeper said that that’s just not the kind of people she sees, especially in town on a Friday evening. That she does get tourists from as far away as Santa Fe or New York, but they are nice people.

So, okay. A nice family from far away who thought she was injured and lost and wanted to give her a home…? A big city family who figured that any collarless dog was dumped and unwanted, and not just escaped from a backyard two blocks over, and who has taken her to a vet to get checked out but the vet was not one of those I had sent flyers to…?

I would still like a LITTLE more closure and reassurance, but I may not get it.

Strolling on, we bumped into a mama strolling her 14 month old son. Her husband teaches at the private school in town (where Rockinrolla goes), and they live within walking distance. AND she is pregnant and due on Rainbow’s birthday, Feb. 26. AND she has a friend with a baby who lives just a couple of minutes away. (Playdates, anyone??) AND we exchanged cell numbers so that we could start strolling together next week.

I got home feeling much better and a tiny bit sheepish (thank you, Universe, and sorry for the grousing) but mostly very taken care of and planned for and fortunate.



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