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Holy smoke, but it’s been raining a lot around here.

The Fishmaster said that on Thursday people on the sideroads near his school had to be rescued from their rooftops due to flooding. And it’s just not letting up. There was some non-raining time yesterday, but here it is back again this morning, with rain in the the forecast for the next few days. Humph.

(The biggest bummer for ME is that our deck builders only work on Saturdays and the deck progress has s-l-o-o-o-w-e-d since they have started the lovely yet complicated railings. I hate to have them miss a day, but what can you do. They’ll finish one of these days, right…?)

Daddy J’s dad took the Fishmaster to his cross country meet this morning. I guess it’s happening, or they’d be back by now. Rugged young runners, slogging through the mud and slop. I hope he places. Scratch that – I hope he wins.

Rainbow, who was on the mildly irritable channel for a week or two, probaby due to teething, has resumed his normal, buoyant programming. He was just a hoot yesterday, laughing at anything and everything. In the car, he was facing the back of the seat and just cracking up – I guess at a toy? Anyway, he’s a silly, jolly little bear cub right now.

I think he’s getting the teeth on either side of his lower teeth. I can see them under the gums, and I assume the painful part of their emergence is now over, even though they’re not fully out yet…? It’ll be pretty cute when he has four on the bottom gum.

We received as a gift a Baby Signs kit, and I am intrigued. It is SO CUTE to see the little babies sign for what they are thinking and then be so proud at being understood. Rainbow is just the right age to start (possibly a tad on the young side) so we are going to give it a go. We are starting with the signs for “eat,” “more,” and “milk” (bottle). Which leads me to…

Question of the Day #1: You parents out there – did you teach your baby sign language? How did that go? Or do you know anyone who has?

On a different note, Rockinrolla’s school has had its first confirmed case of Swine Flu. Ugh. Of course we are being all careful with the hand washing and hand sanitizer and whatnot, but schools are schools, so it’s entirely possible that it will land at our house. At this time, the kids’ pediatrician said that it’s entirely up to me whether to vaccinate, and that the Swine Flu cases they are seeing are fairly mild, but could evolve into something bad.

I HAAAAATE to vaccinate Rainbow for anything whatsoever, but I would hate more for him to get really sick. One of my friends was talking about a regimen of vitamin D that is supposed to beef up one’s immunity, but megadoses of vitamins in the kids’ systems makes me even more uneasy than a doctor-administered vaccine, akshully. So I think (assuming that the vaccine will be available to us in October, as the doc said it would) we will all get vaccinated. But I’d still like to hear your opinion, so that leads us to…

Question of the Day #2: Do you plan to get yourself and/or your kids vaccinated for H1N1? Why or why not?

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  1. Jennifer Jones
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 03:28:56

    I’m glad you asked the vaccination question because I am struggling with that decision myself. Two of my friends children have had H1N1 this week with fairly mild symptoms (much milder than any flu they may have experienced in the past.) So at this point I am thinking no, but then again I don’t know! Hopefully your readers will have some insight for me as well.

    Also, on the signing…I sort of accidentally taught Kate a bit just by doing the signs when I said the words (not really intending to at all.) But it turned out to be something she only did until she started learning something else and the signing seemed to be forgotten. However, my cousin has a severely mentally handicapped brother who was able to learn a small amount of signing. She was used to doing it with him, and was able to teach her children with no problem. On the flip side of that I have a friend who taught her son signing, and he had very delayed speech. Could or could not have been related to the signing…I’m just saying that was her experience. I am really no help tonight, huh? I do think it is super cute and leads to babies who aren’t nearly as frustrated if they can get what they want by signing.

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 13:31:02

    Yes, the doctor said that the cases now are super-mild, and I asked if it would be a good idea to go ahead and just get the (currently mild) virus and would that take care of immunizing us. He was really opposed to that line of thinking, but that’s probably the medical party line right now. He said that at any point it could get much worse, and that there do appear to be cases where otherwise healthy people have died from it. So, yeah. But I think I was hearing, too, questions about the safety of the vaccine? I would love to read poll results from a big group of medical providers about whether they chose to vaccinate their young children/babies.

    The speech delay with the signing had occurred to me, but I’m feeling like normally developing kids would be naturally interested in learning verbal speech, so I’m not terribly concerned. But it does seem possible that if he learned the signs for various stuff, he’d THEN get annoyed when people around him didn’t understand the signs he used instead of speech. I guess I’ll just count on him being about to form words at that point.

    Did you get to see your cousin’s kids signing with her? I’ve only seen it on the video. I bet it was cool. I was just blown away and given goosebumps by these little babies communicating. I hope I can do it for Rainbow.

  3. Jennifer
    Sep 22, 2009 @ 02:57:33

    No, I never got to see my cousin with her babies. Be sure to post a video of him in all his cuteness when Rainbow learns some signing!

    I sort of figured that would be the sentiment from the medical community on the vaccination. I know my pediatrician has small children, and she is having them vaccinated. Sooo, I may give in to the pressure, but I do want to learn more about it first.

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