the ferocious GSD with his kitten

Wolfric with Sharon

Yeah, he’s fierce. Just don’t try to take his kitty away…

up close with Wolfric and Sharon


I was utterly depleted today. Like, sick-feeling sleepy and bummed out. Maybe just the cumulative effect of many 6-hours’ sleep nights, when really, I just need more rest to feel good. I had hoped for a nap when Rainbow took his morning nap, but by the time I’d fed the dogs and put them outside, I only got about 20 minutes of zone-out solo time.

I tried to rouse myself with some black pepper triscuits and bleu cheese (two great tastes that taste not-so-great together) and moved on to a cup of coffee with 5 or 6 oreos. NOT the best lil’ lunch. Feeling kind of grossed out and pitiful, I inwardly groused that I really ought to join a health club so that instead of bingeing on cookies and coffee to perk up, I could exercise and get breaks from baby care for just small chunks of time, and also that it would be awfully nice to have some mama friends with babies near Rainbow’s age like I had with the other boys. Also, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DANA??

I took Rainbow for a walk, hoping the fresh air would help matters. Mulling over the health club thing (hmm, the YMCA that I used to go to and loved which is a good half-hour away, or the 15-minute-away club that so many people in town seem to go to…?) I pulled the stroller over downtown and sat on a bench while giving Rainbow some bottle. The shopkeeper who had last seen Dana came bustling out of her store. She asked if I’d heard anything about Dana, and then shared a little more info than previously:

She had been bitten – and I know bites, I rescue dogs and have been bitten myself – and she would yelp pitifully when you ran a hand down her back. I think it must have been your German shepherd, or else she might have hurt herself getting out of your fence.

***Note: Dana is a HUUUUGE hypochodriac and drama queen, just like her mother, who used to hang out in our vet’s waiting room. She cries out when the needle at the vet comes CLOSE to her, before it even touches her skin, and when she is freaked out she yelps when anyone but me touches her. So, yes, she COULD have been bitten by an irritated Wolfric after she snapped at him, or the car-chasing fool COULD have gotten clipped by a wheel on the way downtown, or she COULD have just been being freaky and scared and crying when she was touched. I didn’t share this with the lady, because it’s hard to explain just how nutty Dana is, but I’ll share with you: THE CORGI IS A NUT. TRUST me. And I totally accept that she was yelping and acting pitiful. Yup, that’s my Dana.

She was getting lots of attention downtown from a couple of different families; she was being really sweet and friendly, and people were concerned about her. The last time I saw her, this one family was all gathered around her and loving on her. I think they must have taken her.

So, okay then. That’s sounding better, isn’t it? I expressed my fears that a crazy or evil person had taken her, and the shopkeeper said that that’s just not the kind of people she sees, especially in town on a Friday evening. That she does get tourists from as far away as Santa Fe or New York, but they are nice people.

So, okay. A nice family from far away who thought she was injured and lost and wanted to give her a home…? A big city family who figured that any collarless dog was dumped and unwanted, and not just escaped from a backyard two blocks over, and who has taken her to a vet to get checked out but the vet was not one of those I had sent flyers to…?

I would still like a LITTLE more closure and reassurance, but I may not get it.

Strolling on, we bumped into a mama strolling her 14 month old son. Her husband teaches at the private school in town (where Rockinrolla goes), and they live within walking distance. AND she is pregnant and due on Rainbow’s birthday, Feb. 26. AND she has a friend with a baby who lives just a couple of minutes away. (Playdates, anyone??) AND we exchanged cell numbers so that we could start strolling together next week.

I got home feeling much better and a tiny bit sheepish (thank you, Universe, and sorry for the grousing) but mostly very taken care of and planned for and fortunate.



Things are good, really, I’m just feeling a little pooped. And it’s not Rainbow’s fault: the last couple of nights he has slept a full twelve hours. Cuh-razy.

(The basset hound, on the other hand, has been waking us up at three-ish due to boredom or a shrunken bladder or both.)

Deck construction is nearing completion, and I am THRILLED about that. I’ve promised the big boys a bonfire/sleepover party when it’s done. And we’ve bought some patio furniture; Daddy J could tell you all kinds of colorful opinions about assembly instructions for swivel rockers made in China.

(Hint: Disregard the “Front” stickers and arrows on the seat parts.)

Dana is still missing, and I am still so sad. I just wish I knew she was okay, and not collected for some awful animal testing purposes, or stacked in a crate with seventy other dogs in a batty lady’s garage. I saw downtown today that there were three other signs up for smallish missing pet dogs in our wee little town of 450. What’s up with that?? Is some horrible person collecting our pets for some dark and sinister reason?? If I only knew that she was fine, sitting on a couch with a retired lady who looooooves Corgis and has alwaaaaaaysss wanted one, and who can’t believe her good fortune to have her own little Corgi princess to spoil and fatten.


The big boys are rocking out at their respective schools. Rockinrolla is taking his first year of private school VERY seriously and has been doing GREAT. We are incredibly proud of him, because it’s a big transition. He has begun basketball practice and is happy about that. The Fishmaster is loving his school again, his glorious school that I love with every fiber of my being. O, HOW I LOVE THE FISHMASTER’S SCHOOL. He has been running cross country and is one of the fastest boys in the school.

I’ve also ordered the ornaments to give away on Ward’s birthday, which is a big relief. They are beautiful and delicate this year; quite breakable, really, but so, so pretty. That’s one of my favorite things: giving ornaments in his honor on his birthday, October 28, and hoping that people will hang them and think of Ward’s sweetness and smile. It’s always a big search to find some that I like that won’t break the bank (I ordered 120 this year) and I think this year’s selection will be just lovely.

Daddy J and I went to hear Heart perform in the big city on Tuesday night. We went out to dinner with friends beforehand (yum) and then stayed over at a very luxurious hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive back.

So, really, all is wonderful except for my fretting about Pooky.

And being in the grow-out stage of my icky haircut.


6 month babe footage

He is utterly magnificent.

Like all of our boys.

I think at one point (early in this whole shebang) I was concerned that I would love him less since he wasn’t biologically mine. It was just a fleeting worry, though, because I knew I would love him. And I do. As intensely and Mama Lion ferociously as all my boys.

The adoption process makes it different, and that’s fine. There’s a gestation period of uncertainty and fears and am-I-up-for-this and when-will-it-happen, but it’s a gestation period nonetheless. There are additional layers of emotional concern and Very Important Relationship with the birthparents, but those take nothing away from my love for him. It’s just the Way Things Are.

The adoption process, at times, seems like it has added more import to parenting. Like, this honor and trust that have been bestowed on us makes me want to do an even better job with Rainbow, makes me want to make F and J that much more certain of their choice in us.

Because, holy cow, what a gift they gave in choosing us and trusting us with this child.

In the end, though, he is just one of the boys, like his brothers. One of our wonderful boys.

We are humbled and elated and swept away in love.

pajama quest

First, VETERINARY NEWS:  Wolfric, the German shepherd, has a food allergy.  This accounts for his (unusual for upright-eared dogs) ear infection of a couple of months ago and the rash on his tummy and underarms.  So, yeah.  No treats and we get to buy special, expensive food for him.  Yay!

Sharon, the kitty (name is not etched in stone just yet) is more like FOUR weeks old.  Which means that she was about THREE weeks old when we found her.  Poor baby.  The vet said she looks great, though, and that sometimes cats will wean at 3-4 weeks and the kittens will be just fine.  It was too early for her shots, though, and we have to go back in a couple of weeks.

Booger, our black and white cat, is also just fine.¬† She scratched the Fishmaster while he was helping hold her for shots and Wolfric did NOT approve.¬† Kind of cute how he loves his boy and doesn’t want the naughty cat to scratch him.¬† He didn’t lunge or anything, just gave some deep, concerned barks.¬† Booger and Snuggles, our brown tabby, disapprove of both each other and Sharon.¬† Lots of pissy cat glaring going on.

And no word on Dana yet.

Sharon, by the way, lives outside and sleeps with a stuffed animal on the woodpile on the covered side porch.¬† She will not let you be outside with climbing on you and nipping and licking.¬† The vet said she’s probably trying to nurse (hence the stuffed animal) and should outgrow it.¬† She finds Rainbow’s toes irresistible.

Rainbow and Sharon

Sharon attacking

And, really, it’s hard to blame her.


Switching gears entirely, let’s make our way to the Question of the Day:

Rainbow, as we know, ¬†is a solid fellow.¬† He does not like those flame resistant blanket sleepers.¬† I guess it’s the texture.¬† He slept poorly in one a while back, and then actually fussed and cried when I tried to put it back on him a couple of times later.¬† So, we’re all done with that genre of sleepwear.¬† I have bought a couple of thermal and knit cotton varieties of sleep/loungewear, but the arms are way too tight.¬† And besides, I’d rather avoid waistbands if possible in pajamas for little ones.¬† That just seems like it would be annoying with the top of the diaper chafing next to it.

Anyway, I’m thinking something like a stretchy cotton Union suit.¬† How CUTE would that be??¬† Does anybody know where they sell those?¬† With the caveat that the arms must be roomy enough for a fellow of substance.¬† Or are there any other PJ options that you like for squidgy babies?

What’s your favorite baby sleepwear?

also, this


She is from the dump in town.  Several of her siblings are still available, I believe, if you have interest in a wee little dump kitty. 

Daddy J went to the dump last week and said it was pitiful Рthis litter of teeny little kittens was crouched under a dumpster, mewing, and lapping up the dumpster drippings.  Evidently someone dumped them there, hoping they would be adopted.  No mama cat in sight, just wild little babies.  Daddy J said it was hard to get one, he had to grab her by the tail and she was hissing and spitting.

It only took a few hours, really, for her to realize that humans meant well.

The boys love her. 

Rainbow wants to squeeeeeze her.

She is, as yet, unnamed, so suggestions are welcome.¬† I am partial to Caboodle, because the punster in me has always wanted to say, ‘This is my kitten, Caboodle.’¬† I am incredibly corny.¬† She would go by “Cabbie,” I think.¬† I also like Sundae, as in Ice Cream Sundae, because she is a calico and we see ice cream with caramel and fudge sauce with sprinkles in her fur.¬† She goes to the¬†vet tomorrow for the full workup.

6 month checkup

Well, we knew this, so it’s no surprise:

Rainbow is a very big boy.

He weighs 24.5 pounds and is 29 inches long, which puts him in the “greater than 97th” percentile range for both.¬† His head circumference is in the 91st percentile, at 45.5 cm.

(Off topic: Why is the length in inches and the circumference in centimeters??¬† This confuses me.¬† I keep thinking the circumference is also in inches, but his noggin can’t be almost four feet around.¬† Why not both in the same unit of measurement?)

He’s doing all his tricks appropriately and is totally smart and healthy.¬† He had two shots yesterday, too, which are a bummer, but I feel that just following the normal vaccination schedule is the best choice for us.¬† Perhaps if there were any issues (health or developmental) I would question that, but he’s a vigorous guy and I believe he can handle them, and I want to protect him from bad diseases when it makes sense.¬†

We discussed the swine flu and I think¬†we will all get vaccinated in October.¬† The take-away message I got was that, while the swine flu is actually a milder flu than the regular flu can be, we have no natural resistance to it since it’s a brand new strain, and it could turn nasty.¬† Immunization might help against a nastier strain, but allowing the kids to purposely contract¬†this fairly mild version¬†to try to build their immunity is not a smart idea.

I also brought up the whole lateness policy/evil receptionist thing to the doctor, and I feel better.¬† I still don’t like her one bit (she was really unpleasant again yesterday) but the doctor listened to my concerns.¬† I told him that, while I didn’t complain about having to wait half an hour in the waiting room and then another 20-30 minutes to see him, it didn’t seem fair to be scolded to and condescended to (and threatened with having to turn around and go home) when I was 16 or 17 minutes late because I got lost en route.¬† I told him that I’d suggest making sure that patients know that the office feels their time is valuable too, and that if we can’t call ahead to check on whether the office was running late, perhaps we could at least be given apologies when we are made to wait.

The evil receptionist sounds like she’s had complaints against her before.¬† He said that he was pretty sure he knew who I was talking about (we verified her appearance) and that it’s hard to get pleasant help at the front desk.¬† He said he’d speak to his office manager about having the front desk be friendlier to patients.

Anyway, I guess I’ll stay the course with this doctor for now.¬† It’s a bit of a drive, but he has a great rapport with the kids, and I like that he’s fairly young and seems really bright and has kids of his own.¬† He also really seems to listen, which is a good thing.

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