So, evidently an insurance company had an issue with a 4 month old baby who weighed a whopping 17 pounds. They said he was obese and denied coverage, then later revised that decision.

Which, clearly, is goofy on so many levels, but specifically and personally: Rainbow weighed 20 pounds and 11 ounces at four months. I can’t imagine how much I would freak out if even the doctor gave me grief about his size, much less an insurance company I’d applied to. This boy has always been just beautiful and brimming with health. Roly-poly, perhaps, but also vigorous and energetic and never sick a day in his little life.

Good grief. I’m so glad our doctor is with us on this one: healthy, active, chunky babies are GREAT.

And on the flipside, one of the older boys was a lean baby, like in the 10-15th % range for weight while being in about the 75th % for height. (Yeah, I’m not feeling like looking up the exact amounts in his baby book.) BUT, he was most certainly not roly-poly, and the doctor gave me a copy of the “High Fat, High Protein Diet” for him when he started eating food. This boy also has always been the picture of health, and is still lean and beautifully made.

Babies, unless there’s an underlying health concern, healthily come in all sizes, no? Insurance is just so ridiculous sometimes.

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