soggy old Thursday

Thank you so much, friends, for commenting and for reading and for just being here.  We’ve made it through another birthday, and it was just lovely.  The weather was perfect, again, and kids had fun and ate cookies and people admired Ward’s sculpture.  I think Daddy J must have downloaded the pics onto his laptop and taken it to work, so I will have to post those later, but I wanted to share a few others with you anyway.

Here’s Daddy J performing a set with the guys in his former band.  They were hired for the local market’s one year anniversary (under the new ownership) and it was a great outdoor performance.  Daddy J went on a hiatus when Rainbow came home, but he may start singing and playing with them more often in the near future.

And here’s Daddy J’s father dancing with Rainbow, who was really digging his Daddy’s singing.
Ward’s birthday slipped on by this year in a pretty gentle fashion.  I was kind of wound-up and anxious beforehand, but that’s really nothing new when it comes to any parties or events we host (right, Daddy J?) and I chilled out as soon as we saw that the weather was nice and that people had come. 

My subconscious, not wanting to disappoint, has percolated along, too, but more with slightly bizarro dreams instead of moving, emotional visit dreams.  I had a dream on the night of the 26th that is just TMI any way you slice it (it involved, um, a placenta…) and it really had me baffled.  I think, though, it had to do with adoption  – that I am feeling that Rainbow is mine, as much as if I’d given birth to him, and O look, here’s a placenta!

And last night I dreamed that we lived in a tall, old brick apartment building with a rooftop pool covered with a glass greenhouse roof.  It was filled with fish (what IS it with swimming areas filled with fish in my dream world?) except these weren’t threatening to humans.  I was trying to save some minnows from being eaten by the big fish, but I didn’t feel endangered personally.  There was a whale in the deep end (a friend of mine) that could talk.  His name was Louie, and he told me he was going to “break out of this place.”  He said something like, “Okay, here I go!” and he lifted up out of the water and broke through the roof, flying off into the night.  One of the big boys came up just as he flew off, and I was yelling for Daddy J to get the camera.  My son and I yelled happily: Woo!  Go, Louie!  Yeah!!  Louie looked back at me, smiling, and was wearing the orange Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fabric mask that Ward liked to wear and that I found in the lonely sock bin the other day.

So, just business as usual in my noggin.  Too bad I can’t sell tickets.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Debra
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 12:52:22

    Rainbow is all peaches & cream:)

  2. Mary in Atl
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 14:09:32

    what a proud grandpa !

  3. thisbumpyjourney
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 18:13:10

    Thanks, Debra and Mary. Papa is indeed a VERY proud grandpa and takes care of Rainbow a lot for us. We are totally grandparent-babysitter spoiled.

    I was studying Rainbow’s eyes today and MAN they are beautiful. They are this gorgeous blue with gold flecks. Is that hazel? Not so much greenish, really, as soft blue with gold. It’s so cool, I think, that the Fishmaster, Rockinrolla, and now Rainbow all have such different eye colors. Ward’s were a lot like Rockinrolla’s – a really bright turquiosey blue.

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