sleep monster

Yesterday, Rainbow woke early from his afternoon nap at about 2:00. He usually sleeps for at least two hours, and this time just slept for a little over an hour. And, my, my, my, but that boy was INCONSOLABLE. He’s hardly ever a crier, but he just could not be made happy. We tried feeding, playing, books – and decided he just must still be tired and possibly sick. Dosed him with Tylenol and put him back to bed.

He slept.

And slept.

And slept.

We went with it, thinking he must be coming down with something, and I braced myself for a no-sleep night. Got videos ready and a bottle, reasssured myself that naps would be aplenty the next day.

He woke at 9:30 and had about 7 ounces of formula and then went back to sleep – until 5:30 am.

I, of course, slept fitfully. I had to keep listening to the monitor to make sure he was breathing, and had anxiety dreams about him all night. But whatever – that beats contending with an actually sick, miserable child any day of the week. He woke up happy as a clam, had a few bites of breakfast and a lot of formula, and is back down for his morning nap.

I’m hoping he just fought off some illness that was trying to waylay him and he WON, my big boy.

Good job, buddy.


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  1. Meghan Cobble
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 20:21:58

    My boys would do this from time to time.

    It always meant a growth spurt was just around the corner for us!

    Get out the bigger sized clothes and get ready for some new developmental skills perhaps!

    .mac 🙂

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 21:06:11

    Well, that would make sense. He’s been working HARD on standing – he doesn’t want to sit down, but he has to be continually spotted while he holds on to the table or stands and plays. I know he’s very, very eager to become more mobile.

    He’ll be so funny when he’s walking around. (uhhhh, and I will be a nervous wreck chasing him…)

  3. Auntie Sue
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 15:17:08

    I agree. It’s growing pains.

  4. thisbumpyjourney
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 16:22:36

    Huh, and today, he totally skipped his morning nap, which he hardly EVER does.

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